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Exercise is vital to a healthy lifestyle, but the key is to do it frequently. It is, therefore, concerning that more than a quarter of the world’s adult population works out, leaving more room for improvement. Aside from that, many fail to recognise that certain practices are necessary before, during, and after each session. These enhance your physical performance by strengthening the muscles and reducing the risks of injuries. Therefore, remember these three self-care tips before hitting the gym, even when busy.


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1. Prioritise proper nutrition and hydration


Food is energy for the body, and water is arguably the best natural lubricant for your organs and joints. Nutrition and hydration are crucial because they provide the right nutrients to withstand the pressure exercise places on your body. Moreover, sweating during workouts signals that your body is losing water and electrolytes and should be replenished. The correct way to do this is to prioritise hydration and proper nutrition before and after exercising. Eating before working out fuels your body for the activity ahead.

Carbs provide energy, while protein aids muscle repair and growth. It’s best to include healthy fats like avocado to sustain energy levels before exercising. Hydration before an intense activity also reduces the risk of rapid dehydration when you begin. Remember to eat a post-workout meal within an hour upon completion to kickstart muscle repair and glycogen store replacement. Your body is more receptive to nutrients and hydration within this period.


2. Consider chiropractic care


Chiropractic care focuses on the spine and musculoskeletal system - the support structure of your entire body. Many athletes rely on chiropractic care as a natural way to enhance body flexibility and reduce injury risks. Chiropractic can boost athletic performance because of the concentration on bone health and muscle relaxation. These areas are responsible for the energy you feel when participating in sports or any intense activity. The chiropractor’s role is to align your body’s internal support structure with its overall function to enhance your well-being. Your body will fail to function as it should when misalignments occur in your spine. Additionally, your pain perception will sharply increase because of the intense pressure on your nerves. Many injuries occur while exercising, so you may want to consult your chiropractor regularly to be on the safer side.


3. Prioritise rest and recovery


Sleep does not require muscle or bone movement like exercise, but it is important. The sleeping period is when the body repairs and rebuilds itself. Cell renewal, memory retention, and total body relaxation occur during this time. Regularly getting 8 - 9 hours of uninterrupted sleep allows your body and mind to relax fully. It reduces muscle tension, a crucial step to minimising your risk of workout injuries. You will also have a better chance of recovering quicker from workout aches when you get enough rest and sleep. 

Recovery after workouts isn’t entirely about sleep. Massages, ice baths, and foam rolling aid quicker muscle recovery, helping you bounce back quicker. The sooner you recover from body pains, the more motivated you will be to hit the gym the next day or in a few days.


If you plan to commence regular workout sessions, remember these self-care tips.


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  1. It's so important to prioritise recovery and rest after a workout, your body needs a chance to rest and recover to be ready for the next workout! x

    Lucy Mary

    1. Absolutely! Rest and recovery are crucial.

  2. I’ve recently started dancing again and have realised how important feeding myself properly is so I can get the most of of the class! Thanks for sharing <3

    1. That's great to hear! Keep up the good work and enjoy your dancing journey!

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