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DIY: Head lice prevention

Hello everyone! It's back to school time again!   Back to school  can be an exciting time for both children and parents. Starting a new school year requires plenty of preparations, such as shopping for stationery, a new bag, shoes and clothes/uniform. One thing most parents do not prepare for when sending their little ones back to school is  head lice . As any reader of this blog will know, I believe in the power of natural ingredients, particularly  essential oils . When you do a simple  Google  search, you quickly find out what  essential oils  are good at  repelling lice , but the question is, what to do with that information? How can you use essential oils to repel head lice? The following essential oils have been shown to effectively repel lice: Lavender oil Tea tree oil Clove oil Rosemary oil Geranium oil Lemongrass oil These are other essential oils that can repel head lice but are not recommended for children under six (6) years: Peppermint oil   Anise seed oil Eucalyptus o

DIY: Essential oil body wash

Hello everyone! Today I'm back with another simple DIY beauty recipe. A simple and creative way to bring essential oils into your everyday life is to add them to daily household products. Adding a few drops to a fragrance-free shower gel or a bubble bath is an easy way to do so. Nonetheless, making your  personalised foaming body wash  is even better.  Body wash is an essential part of our bathing routines. But many of us do not pay attention to the ingredients that many commercial body washes contain. You may be putting your long-term health at risk by using products which contain dangerous chemicals. If you want to know more about this topic, I suggest you watch  HBO’s Not So Pretty  docuseries. If you’re looking for a body wash that will cleanse your skin and leave you feeling refreshed, you may want to try this  essential oil body wash recipe . Ingredients : 1 and 1/2 cups of Dr Bronner’s Castile Soap (baby unscented) 4 teaspoons vegetable glycerin 20 to 30 drops of essential o

Ten (10) essential oil blends for better sleep ūüí§

 Hello everyone! Are you struggling with getting the sleep you need every night? Like many people, I also have suffered from  insomnia . In this post, I'm sharing a list of  essential oil diffuser blends  that will have you  relaxed and drifting off to sleep  in no time at all!  These blends will help  relax your mind and body , and you will drift right off to sleep and stay asleep through the night! Blend #1 5 drops Lavender  3 drops Cedarwood Blend  #2 2 drops Patchouli  2 drops Lavender  2 drops Frankincense  2 drops Bergamot Blend #3 3 drops Orange  2 drops Lavender  3 drops Chamomile Blend #4 3 drops Cedarwood  3 drops Marjoram  2 drops Lavender Blend #5 4 drops Lemon  3 drops Orange  1 drop Cedarwood Blend #6 5 drops Sweet Orange  3 drops Frankincense Blend #7 2 drops Ylang Ylang  3 drops Lavender  1 drop Cedarwood  2 drops Sweet Marjoram Blend #8 1 drop Cedarwood  2 drops Chamomile  2 drops Lavender  2 drops Vetiver  1 drop Bergamont Blend #9 4 drops Patchouli  2 drops Vetiv

Essential oil blends for cold and flu

Hello everyone! In most cases, having  the flu  means increasing self-care and waiting for the infection to run its course. The go-to solution for many people is to reach for over-the-counter medicines. However, another effective method is using  essential oils  as a topical rub or for aromatherapy. I already shared my recipe for a  homemade vapour rub  in a previous post. In this post, I will focus on  aromatherapy ! Certain essential oils can help alleviate flu symptoms by clearing your nasal passage and reducing headaches. Some oils may even have antiviral benefits to help treat infections and reduce fever. Essential oils can be a great ally in keeping viruses, bacteria and germs at bay. As we are currently facing a pandemic, these oils can come in handy to help you keep your home a safe place for you and your loved ones. That is why today, I'm sharing the best  antiviral essential oils  to diffuse in your home. Inhalation  is the most beneficial way to use essential oils for th