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Look fabulous with Popilush!

Hello everyone! How is the weather where you live? Here in Malta, the temperature is rising, and most days feel like summer. In today's post, I want to introduce you to another shapewear brand I recently discovered. I love shapewear because you can count on it to smooth out lumps and give you a sleeker silhouette. While it may seem preposterous to wear shapewear under your favourite summer pieces, there are shapewear fabrics and styles specially designed to be lightweight and breathable. For this reason, shapewear is truly seasonless, allowing you to feel more confident in your clothes all year round. And now let me introduce you to  Popilush .    This   is an empowering and fashion-forward shapewear line for women. Their high-quality shapewear comes in a diverse range of sizes which is incredibly affordable for the high level of quality. If you read my blog, you know that I'm all about sustainability; I'm pleased to tell you that  Popilush  is committed to reducing waste w

Comfy bras and shapewear dresses by Shapellx

Hello everyone! Never mind diamonds, shapewear garments are a girl's true best friend. Shapewear works like magic underneath your clothes. They give your entire body, a confident hug and an hourglass shape.  If you are in the market for body shapewear, then there are many options available that will fit your style and needs. Shapewear is available in a diverse range of styles, shapes, colours, patterns, and types. Nowadays it has found its way into most women's wardrobes. You can purchase body-shaping garments online from the comfort of your home from reliable sellers like  Shapellx .   Shapellx  is known for its iconic, and effective shapewear, great fit, second-skin feel, and lasting quality. The brand is loved and trusted by women worldwide.  If you want to get a better picture of the different products available on the website, check out the brand's best sellers in the  shapewear sale  collection.  Shapellx  also sells gorgeous, fashionable, yet  comfortable bras ! Let&

Look your best with Shapellx

Hello everyone! Today I'm back with another fashion-related post. Anyone who loves clothes and fashion knows the secret to a perfect fit is wearing the perfect undergarments. I'm sure many of you have noticed that shapewear is significantly rising in popularity. Indeed for many years, shapewear had a reputation for being uncomfortable and even somewhat painful. Nowadays, shapewear has evolved into fairly pleasant garments that can be worn all day. For today's post, I'm collaborating with  Shapellx   to tell you everything you need to know about shapewear and show you some items I'm sure you'll love. Shapellx 's shapewear will help you feel confident, sexy, and gorgeous no matter your dress size or how much you weigh. There's a good reason why most celebrities wear shapewear; they want to feel and look their best, and we all deserve that! Many women, myself included, believe that certain clothes don't look good on us. However, these insecurities seem

What is the best season to get pierced?

Hello everyone! Summer has finally arrived, and this is the perfect time to show off a new ear or body piercing, especially since probably your clothes won’t be hiding it. Lucky, every time I post a piercing-related article on this blog, you seem to like it, which is great; because I love writing about this topic. In this post, I want to talk to you about when to get pierced. Is there a better season to get a piercing? Keep reading to find out! When is the perfect time to get pierced? What are the seasonal pros and cons to consider before going through with a piercing?  Whether you choose to get your piercing during the hot summer months or the cooler winter once depends primarily on your lifestyle. After your piercing, you can expect a 25-60% chance of slight swelling within the first 3 days. Circulation will increase, and blood will rush to the area. Areas with better blood circulation, such as earlobes, lips, nose and nipples, may experience up to 60% chance of swelling.  During th