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When we encounter beauty problems, it can feel like the end of the world! But getting a new hairstyle is one of those things that can feel like a massive leap into the unknown. It can be a refreshing change and make you feel better about yourself, but how do you approach the concept of getting a new hairstyle, especially when you've tried countless times before and haven't got the results you were hoping for? 

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Look at your face shape.


We tend to look at our hairstyle and not necessarily consider everything else that goes with it. You have to think about factors such as your lifestyle. Consider practicality and your face shape when choosing a hairstyle that suits your everyday activities. What type of face shape are you? For example, if you've got a square face, an angled or curly bob is a great option. If you have a round face, choosing long, side-swept waves or beachy waves with a centre parting can work wonders. You can always consult professional hairdressers like Sanctuary Salon to provide insights into which styles would suit you best based on your hair type or face shape.

Experiment with temporary changes.


One of the most complicated parts of choosing a new hairstyle is deciding whether it suits you in the long run. If you are concerned about making a massive leap, try temporary options like hair extensions. It allows you to see how you feel before fully committing.



Is it high-maintenance or low-maintenance?


We've got to think about the practicalities of any new hairstyle. Consulting with a professional not only grants you the advantage of personalised advice suited to your preferences and hair type, but they can also guide you on effective methods to maintain your hairstyle. With a new hairstyle comes a new technique. And this is something we should all consider, especially if we are making a significant change, such as going from curly to straight hair.


Make gradual changes.


If there's one thing that can help us determine if our new style will suit us, making gradual changes is the best port of call. Many people want to make those massive changes to their hair because they are fed up with their looks. Instead, you can go for something like a slightly shorter length instead of a dramatic chop. It allows you to try out the new hairstyle and see how you feel. Because while it's exciting to try out any new look, you've got to exercise a semblance of realism. You need to pick a hairstyle that works with your thickness and texture. An extreme change may not be achievable, but this is why gradual changes and temporary experiments can make a big difference.


When approaching a new hairstyle, you need to take your time. Rushing into a drastic change may lead to regrets later on. Consider consulting with a professional hairstylist who can guide you in finding the right style that complements your face shape and personal style. Remember, hair grows back, but it's better to make an informed decision for long-term satisfaction. 

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