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DIY: Head lice prevention

Hello everyone! It's back to school time again!   Back to school  can be an exciting time for both children and parents. Starting a new school year requires plenty of preparations, such as shopping for stationery, a new bag, shoes and clothes/uniform. One thing most parents do not prepare for when sending their little ones back to school is  head lice . As any reader of this blog will know, I believe in the power of natural ingredients, particularly  essential oils . When you do a simple  Google  search, you quickly find out what  essential oils  are good at  repelling lice , but the question is, what to do with that information? How can you use essential oils to repel head lice? The following essential oils have been shown to effectively repel lice: Lavender oil Tea tree oil Clove oil Rosemary oil Geranium oil Lemongrass oil These are other essential oils that can repel head lice but are not recommended for children under six (6) years: Peppermint oil   Anise seed oil Eucalyptus o

Essential oil blends for cold and flu

Hello everyone! In most cases, having  the flu  means increasing self-care and waiting for the infection to run its course. The go-to solution for many people is to reach for over-the-counter medicines. However, another effective method is using  essential oils  as a topical rub or for aromatherapy. I already shared my recipe for a  homemade vapour rub  in a previous post. In this post, I will focus on  aromatherapy ! Certain essential oils can help alleviate flu symptoms by clearing your nasal passage and reducing headaches. Some oils may even have antiviral benefits to help treat infections and reduce fever. Essential oils can be a great ally in keeping viruses, bacteria and germs at bay. As we are currently facing a pandemic, these oils can come in handy to help you keep your home a safe place for you and your loved ones. That is why today, I'm sharing the best  antiviral essential oils  to diffuse in your home. Inhalation  is the most beneficial way to use essential oils for th

Four (4) DIY vegan scalp scrubs

  Hello everyone! Many of us regularly use face and body scrubs to remove dead skin cells. However, we may be neglecting a part of our body that needs exfoliation just as much. The scalp is no different than the skin on the rest of our body. Our scalp can benefit from a little extra TLC as well! Healthy hair starts with a healthy scalp!  Daily use of hair products can cause build-up. In addition to typical dead skin cells accumulating on the scalp. This can result in clogged hair follicles, dull, greasy hair, and slower hair growth. To return the scalp to a healthy state, you need to free hair follicles from what’s building up at the roots. A  scalp scrub  might be the best solution.  If you’re looking for  natural DIY scalp scrubs , here are  four (4) easy DIY vegan recipes  that can cure and prevent dry, flaky scalp, improve scalp health and overall hair health.  Ingredients: DIY vegan scalp scrub #1 2 tablespoons of baking soda 1 tablespoon of vegan shampoo a few drops of lavender

Essential oils to add to your shampoo

Hello everyone! Today I want to share another easy way to use essential oils  – adding essential oils to your shampoo !  Making your hair healthy and stronger couldn’t get any easier.   It doesn’t really matter what shampoo you use, you too can experience the benefits of adding essential oils to your hair routine! Essential oils are packed with amazing antioxidants and other compounds that are healing, restorative and stimulating.   Nevertheless ; trying to incorporate essential oils into your life,  can be overwhelming .  Many of you just don’t have the time, am I right?  Well, with this simple technique, you can enjoy the benefits of essential oils for your hair, without a hassle! Here are some of the ways essential oils can help your hair: Stimulate growth Strengthen  follicles Eliminate dandruff Prevent premature greying Fight scalp acne Oil control Moisturise dry hair Reduce hair fall Repair damage Kill lice Fight fungal infections  How

The best 10 DIY vegan acne treatments

Hello everyone! This blog is turning 10 in a few months and that means that I have been sharing  DIY acne recipes  with you, my readers, for almost a decade.  I have been vegan for the last five years and yes, you can still find non-vegan DIY beauty recipes on this blog.  These are namely recipes that include ingredients like yoghurt and honey.  Since June is  Acne Awareness Month ,   today's post is a roundup of my  best ten DIY  vegan  acne treatments .  This way you can find them all in one handy post.  If you want me to make a roundup post on non-vegan recipes, leave a comment and let me know. Amongst my top 10, I included; a cleansing method, a toner, two face masks, a scrub, two facial serums, and a spot treatment.  All DIYs are very easy to make, they require very few, simple ingredients and the method is easy to follow. Below are the links for the 10 blog posts.  I also included  the key ingredients (not the full list of ingredients) of each recipe or tr