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Look fabulous with Popilush!

Hello everyone! How is the weather where you live? Here in Malta, the temperature is rising, and most days feel like summer. In today's post, I want to introduce you to another shapewear brand I recently discovered. I love shapewear because you can count on it to smooth out lumps and give you a sleeker silhouette. While it may seem preposterous to wear shapewear under your favourite summer pieces, there are shapewear fabrics and styles specially designed to be lightweight and breathable. For this reason, shapewear is truly seasonless, allowing you to feel more confident in your clothes all year round. And now let me introduce you to  Popilush .    This   is an empowering and fashion-forward shapewear line for women. Their high-quality shapewear comes in a diverse range of sizes which is incredibly affordable for the high level of quality. If you read my blog, you know that I'm all about sustainability; I'm pleased to tell you that  Popilush  is committed to reducing waste w

Twenty (20) self-care ideas for spring

Hello everyone! Spring is finally here, and so are the warm, sunny days (at least here in Malta). The days are getting longer, and the cold, dark Winter is over. Spring can be the perfect season to rejuvenate body and mind. Try these twenty ( 20) self-care ideas for spring  to revise your typical self-care routine. Here are 20 self-care ideas for spring to nourish your body, mind and spirit. Go for a walk  - Enjoy the sunshine and fresh air.  Declutter your home  - Decluttering is an excellent form of self-care.  Spring-clean your home  - A thorough cleaning will make your home feel and look nicer.  Declutter your wardrobe  - Go through your clothes. Wash and store your cold-weather clothes. Re-visit your beauty routine  - Take a moment to declutter any make-up or beauty products that are past their best . Start a new book  - In this busy world, a good book is a calm and refreshing place to retreat. Re-visit your daily routine  - Think about your daily routine and what you could do to

Single? Be your own Valentine this year 💝

Hello everyone! Valentine’s Day is upon us again! Whether you're single or getting over a recent breakup, there's nothing weird about not having a romantic partner on Valentine's Day (or any other day). If you are among those who are thinking about being your own Valentine, keep reading this post!  Valentine's Day is just a made-up holiday, but for many people, it is a reminder of their singleness. It doesn't have to though, this year you could be your own Valentine. The 14th of February is a day for celebrating love, not just romantic love. No partner? No problem. In fact, what better holiday than Valentine’s Day to focus on showing a little extra love to yourself? The stores are filled with chocolate and heart-shaped jewellery, but there are ways to treat yourself and give yourself some much-needed self-care. Here are some ideas: Buy your own chocolate and flowers. Who says you have to wait for someone else to do it for you? Pick up some fresh flowers and buy your

Head-to-toe winter skincare tips

Hello everyone! I want to share a few head-to-toe winter skincare tips. Cold temperatures and low humidity levels result in dry air that draws moisture away from the skin. Harsh winter winds and dry indoor heat can exacerbate the problem. Skin conditions such as eczema or psoriasis may also flare up during the colder months. Here are some head-to-toe tips: Body and face Lukewarm water  is considered to be the right temperature for your skin. Moderately warm water will give the best skin care results. It effectively removes dirt from your skin without destroying the oil balance of your skin. If your serum/moisturiser doesn't contain active ingredients such as Vitamin C or Retinol, you can apply it to damp skin. This is because  damp skin is easier to penetrate than dry skin .  You still need to wear sunscreen in the winter . Even if it doesn't feel warm outside, UV rays can still penetrate your skin and cause damage. Lips Cold weather can cause the lips to lose moisture, leading

Winter care tips for dogs

Hello everyone! Winter weather is finally here. This week is forecasted to be yet another cold, windy and stormy one, here in Malta. I previously published articles about  preventing and soothing dry winter skin   and, I also shared  tips for staying hydrated during the colder months . Today, however, I want to focus on our beloved four-legged friends. Winter care tips for our dogs are fundamental to keeping them safe this season. Many dog owners mistakenly believe that because their pets have a coat of fur, they can tolerate the cold better than humans. This is not always the case. Like us, our pets are used to the warmth of indoor shelter, and cold weather can be as hard on them as it is on us.  If it’s too cold for you to stand outside without a coat, it’s probably too cold for your dog too, so pay attention to their behaviour while they're outdoors. If you notice your dog whining, shivering or appearing anxious, it’s time to bring them in. So how can we protect our dogs in wint