The beauty benefits of silk

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Do you ever wake up with sleep lines/wrinkles?  If you sleep on your side, you must know what I mean.  What about messy, bed hair The silk pillowcase can be a simple solution for both issues...

Believe it or not, the weight of your head pushing your face against the pillow will create what are called sleep lines/wrinklesCotton pillowcases don’t let your skin move smoothly along their surface as you move through the night.  As we get older, our skin loses elasticity and this means that the lines we get overnight stay on our faces longer.  Sleep wrinkles can also worsen existing lines and wrinkles.  Silk pillowcases prevent sleep wrinkles and help delay worsening of existing facial lines.  
Additionally, cotton pillowcases can also absorb the natural oil and your night cream/moisturiser from your skin.  Silk, on the other hand, will not draw moisture from the skin.  Moisture is essential for healthy skin.

Women with curly hair have known about silk’s beauty benefits for years.  I actually learned about this on, years ago.  Tossing and turning causes friction which can lead to hair breakage.  Silk lets your hair slide across the pillowcase.  You will notice fewer hair tangles and less frizz after sleeping on silk pillowcases.  If you have curly hair, silk will also preserve your curls. 

Silk pillowcases may not be the fountain of youth, but if you want to wake up with wrinkle-free skin and tangle-free hair, silk pillowcases might just be what you are looking for.

Silk pillowcases = better beauty sleep.  Do you agree?


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  1. Good information. I love how soft pure silk pillowcases are, they definitely make a huge difference!

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