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Shhh... It's a beauty secret! #04 | The best facial cleanser EVER!

Hello everyone! Today I want to share my number one secret for moisturised, plump, soft, and glowing skin .  It's neither a fancy face cream nor one of my usual DIY recipes .  It's actually something I never   thought   I'd use on my face at all.  Years ago I wrote about the many benefits of vegetable glycerin in a post titled: Vegetable glycerin for glowing skin!  and I also shared a recipe for a DIY make-up setting spray  containing glycerin as a key ingredient.   I've also been using glycerin soap on and off in the shower for quite some time but I never used it to wash my face with, until recently.   I had a new, unopened jasmine glycerin soap in my bathroom and since my face was a little dry I decided, on a hunch, to try the soap as a face cleanser.  I used it at night before I went to sleep and let me tell you I was shocked at how soft and hydrated my skin was after just one use.  The next morning my face was visibly plumper and my s

The beauty benefits of rosehip oil

Hello everyone! What do t he Duchess of Cambridge, Gwyneth Paltrow, Victoria Beckham and Miranda Kerr all have in common?  Well, supposedly they use rosehip oil to keep their skin smooth. Rosehip oil (or rosehip seed oil) has been recently dubbed a "miracle skincare oil".  Rosehip oil, derived from the rosehip (the fruit left on the stem after the petals have fallen off), is a natural source of essential fatty acids, including omega 3, 6 and 9, as well as a rich source of vitamin E, vitamin C, vitamin D, vitamin A and  B-carotene .  This superfine oil is absorbed easily into the skin and won’t leave behind any oily residue. So what are the benefits of using rosehip oil?   It quickly absorbs into the skin, proving  moisture . It can heal scarring  caused by acne. It can help reverse sun   damage . It can provide a protective barrier on the skin,  preventing further moisture loss. It can help fade  pigmentation  and even out skin tone. It can help h

No make-up allowed!

Hello everyone! Some schools have a really strict no make-up policy but if you follow  these  tips nobody will be able to tell you're wearing any.  Here are a few tips for your eyebrows, face, eyes and lips! Eyebrows: Grooming you eyebrows will help to open your eyes and frame your face.  Make sure to click here to find out what eyebrow shape will suit your face. Tame unruly eyebrows using an  eyebrow gel  or  clear mascara . Face: Wear a good moisturiser and a face primer .   You don't have to wear any make-up on top of it.  A good primer can reduce the appearance of enlarged pores, even out your skin tone and control shine.   You could also use a tinted moisturiser or BB cream . Remember, if you have oily skin, never  leave  the house without  blotting   sheets ! Eyes: Use an eyelash curler.  Apply a couple of coats of clear mascara to your eyelashes. Lips: Apply some lip balm .   Smile!   Your face looks great when you smile.  You do

GRATiAE Cosmetics Moisturizing Renewal Cream Review

Disclosure: I got this product as part of an advertorial. Hello everyone! Another luxury skincare product I got to try is the¬† GRATiAE Cosmetics Moisturizing Renewal Cream . ¬†It's a moisturizing cream with anti-aging properties and I can honestly say that it is one of the best creams I have ever tried. GRATiAE -¬† Organic Beauty by Nature is s pecially designed for both men and women who care about true quality and appreciate natural, organic, and healthy skin-care products. ¬†With GRATiAE your skin will glow with health and inner beauty. Product description: GRATiAE Cosmetics Moisturizing Renewal Cream (50ml) An ultra-fine moisturizing cream specially formulated to instantly penetrate and treat the skin for immediate hydration. ¬†Combining a blend of pure plant extracts and thermo-mineral water, it leaves the skin feeling intensively moisturized, smooth and soft with a youthful glow. Price: ¬† ‚ā¨157.29¬† from the European website and ¬† $129.99¬† from the USA web

Beauty uses of rose water

Hello everyone! I recently started using rose water as a facial toner and I love it!  As I told you in a previous post, I normally use (undiluted) distilled witch hazel but lately my skin is much more sensitive so I wanted to try a milder toner.  For years, this was the only product that my mother would use on her skin and her skin is gorgeous. What is rose water? Rose water is a by-product of the production of rose oil through distillation of pure fresh rose petals.  Did you know that rose water has several beauty  uses and  benefits? Beauty uses of rose water: Rose water is a well-known for its natural anti-septic , anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. Rose water can help reduce skin inflammation, lines and wrinkles .     Apply rose water to cleansed skin to reduce swollen and inflamed acne . You could also dip a cotton disk in rose water and place it on your eyelids for a soothing feeling that helps cool tired eyes. You can also combine a

The beauty benefits of silk

Hello everyone! Do you ever wake up with   sleep lines/wrinkles ?  If you sleep on your side, you must know what I mean.  What about  messy,  bed hair ?    The silk pillowcase can be a simple solution for both issues... Skin: Believe it or not, the weight of your head pushing your face against the pillow will create what are called sleep lines/wrinkles .  Cotton pillowcases don’t let your skin move smoothly along their surface as you move through the night.  As we get older, our skin loses elasticity and this means that the lines we get overnight stay on our faces longer.   Sleep wrinkles can also worsen existing lines and wrinkles.   Silk pillowcases prevent sleep wrinkles and help delay worsening of existing facial lines .   Additionally, cotton pillowcases can also absorb the natural oil and your night cream /moisturiser from your skin.  Silk, on the other hand, will not draw moisture from the skin.   Moisture is essential for healthy skin. Hair: Women with cu

Tips for healthy cuticles

Hello everyone!  How is 2012 going so far? If one of your New Year’s resolutions is to take better care of your hands and nails , keep reading for some great tips! When most people think of nail care they think of their nail problems like peeling.  Nevertheless, your cuticles (the skin immediately around the fingernail) also contribute to nail health and appearance.  Neglected cuticles are prone to hangnails and dryness, whilst bitten or badly cut cuticles may become infected.   Follow these simple steps to proper cuticle care : ·          Avoid using harsh soaps when washing your hands as they can cause dry cuticles. ·          Exfoliate your hands once a week. ·          Keep your cuticles moisturised .  Massage moisturising hand cream onto your cuticles, and slip on a pair of cotton gloves every night before you go to sleep.  Also, apply oil (olive oil or almond oil) on the fingertips and massage your nails with it.   ·          Never cut your cuticles

Day cream and night cream: What’s the difference?

Hello everyone! A lot of people use facial creams every morning and night, to maintain healthy skin.  Very often people use a different facial cream for the daytime and for nighttime, these creams are commonly referred to as day creams and night creams. One of the main differences between day creams and night creams is that most day creams contain SPF to protect the skin from UV rays , whereas night creams don’t have such ingredients.   There would be no point in applying a cream containing SPF at night. On the one hand, day cream has active ingredients that protect and replenish the skin throughout the day; while on the other hand, night cream revitalises and restores the skin.  Night creams contain more nutrients and vitamins than day creams; this is because the body absorbs more during the night. Night creams usually contain more emollient, hydrating and moisturising ingredients.  These formulations work fine at night, but they may appear greasy if applied