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The beauty benefits of silk

Hello everyone! Do you ever wake up with   sleep lines/wrinkles ?  If you sleep on your side, you must know what I mean.  What about  messy,  bed hair ?    The silk pillowcase can be a simple solution for both issues... Skin: Believe it or not, the weight of your head pushing your face against the pillow will create what are called sleep lines/wrinkles .  Cotton pillowcases don’t let your skin move smoothly along their surface as you move through the night.  As we get older, our skin loses elasticity and this means that the lines we get overnight stay on our faces longer.   Sleep wrinkles can also worsen existing lines and wrinkles.   Silk pillowcases prevent sleep wrinkles and help delay worsening of existing facial lines .   Additionally, cotton pillowcases can also absorb the natural oil and your night cream /moisturiser from your skin.  Silk, on the other hand, will not draw moisture from the skin.   Moisture is essential for healthy skin. Hair: Women with cu

Day cream and night cream: What’s the difference?

Hello everyone! A lot of people use facial creams every morning and night, to maintain healthy skin.  Very often people use a different facial cream for the daytime and for nighttime, these creams are commonly referred to as day creams and night creams. One of the main differences between day creams and night creams is that most day creams contain SPF to protect the skin from UV rays , whereas night creams don’t have such ingredients.   There would be no point in applying a cream containing SPF at night. On the one hand, day cream has active ingredients that protect and replenish the skin throughout the day; while on the other hand, night cream revitalises and restores the skin.  Night creams contain more nutrients and vitamins than day creams; this is because the body absorbs more during the night. Night creams usually contain more emollient, hydrating and moisturising ingredients.  These formulations work fine at night, but they may appear greasy if applied