Nail bed rehab!

Hello everyone!

Do you have short nail beds or long nail beds?  What’s the difference anyway?  

The size and shape of the nail should be in proportion to the size and shape of the nail bed.  When your nails are within proportion, they are at their strongest and most attractive.

I recently noticed that my nail beds are a lot shorter than they used to be.  How did this happen?

thought about it and I realised that I am constantly scooping under my nails every time I wash my hands (and that's like a gazillion times a day!).  Now that I am aware of this “bad habit” I am trying my best to stop doing it.  I hope that if I stop “scooping”, my nail beds can grow back to the length they used to be.  

I read somewhere that once you damage your nail bed it cannot grow back.  On the other hand, my mum used to bite her nails and she used to have short nail beds.  Now four years after she stopped biting her nails, her nail beds are much, much longer. 

Here is what I’m doing at the moment:
  • Not “scooping” under my nails when washing my hands.
  • Using a nail brush to clean under my nails.
  • I push back my cuticles and moisture my hands and nail (at least once a day).
  • Keeping nails at a shorter length to prevent breakage.
  • Not clipping my nails all the way down.
  • Using only a gentle nail file to shape my nails.
  • Keeping nails painted so that I am less likely to see anything under the nails and try to clean it out.

I really hope this works.  If you have any suggestions, leave a comment below!


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