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Fact or Fiction? #4 - Curly hair myths, debunked!

Hello everyone! I have not published a  Fact or Fiction?  post in such a long time, but this is, actually, my fourth beauty myths post. These posts are meant to debunk common beauty myths and misconceptions. For this fourth (4th) post, I chose to focus on curly hair.  I have a loose curl pattern (2c/3a) and, I have been wearing my hair naturally, on and off, for over a decade. I haven't straightened my hair in almost two and a half years! Needless to say, I learned quite a few tips and tricks along this journey. I found a lot of helpful information online, but also a lot of misinformation such as: 1. Do not wash your hair more than once a week. Fact or Fiction?  Fiction. There is no one golden rule when it comes to hair cleansing. If you don’t wash your hair enough, it will become flat and greasy. If you wash it too often, it will be dry and frizzy. You should wash your hair when it needs to be cleansed. 2. You only have curly hair if you don’t have to scrunch it. Fact or Ficti

Why I choose to embrace my big forehead

Hello everyone! Today I want to talk about one of my distinctive physical features ; my  fivehead . For those of you who do not know, a five-finger forehead (or fivehead) is a term used to  describe a forehead that is the span of five fingers or more . Many people consider a large forehead as being an "ugly" and undesirable feature. Some will do anything and everything to try to make it less noticeable. The easiest way to do this is to wear bangs (a fringe).  A few days ago, I wrote about haircuts, more precisely,  how often you should get a haircut or trim . I also trimmed my hair a couple of days ago; I cut my hair in layers to enhance the curl pattern. Usually, I cut my bangs every couple of years to change up my look. Then, I maintain them for a few months before the novelty wears off and remember why I hate having bangs. At the moment, I have face-framing layers but no annoying fringe/bangs.  The face-framing layers are more noticeable when I wear a middle part!   Whenev

How often should you trim your hair? ✂️

Hello everyone! You have all heard that you should get a trim regularly if you want to keep your hair strong and healthy, but how do you know when the right time is?  How often you should cut your hair depending on your hair texture and your current haircut . Many hairstylists used to suggest getting a trim once a month, every four (4) weeks.  Yes, if you have short hair , you should trim it every four weeks; if you want to keep your current hairstyle.  However, if you have medium-length hair , a cut every four weeks is probably too often.  Getting a haircut every eight (8) to twelve (12) weeks is a better option to keep your medium length looking healthy without growing it out long. If you have long hair , you can wait even more than eight to twelve weeks between haircuts.  A  haircut every three (3) to four (4) months will work best for your needs.  You have to give your hair time to grow (about 0.5 inches each month) between cuts to avoid sacrificing length.  When I used to wear m

Cute and easy back to school hairstyles

Hello everyone! I lived here in Malta all my life.  What many of you might not know is that: students in Malta have to wear a uniform.  They also have a strike dress code, and makeup is not allowed.  There are also regulations regarding hairstyles, schoolbags and the wearing of jewellery.   But since this post is all about  back to school hairstyles , let's focus on hair regulations for a second.  Hairstyles "unbecoming the school uniform" (whatever that means) are strictly forbidden.  Students have to keep their hair tidy and tied back if it is long.   No "extravagant" hair colouring is allowed.  Only simple hair bands matching the school colours may be worn; other hair accessories are not allowed.  Needless to say that fashion-wise, my schooldays were not fun at all! For this reason, in today's post, I will include simple hairstyles that can be worn by most hair types.  And for all the lucky ones who can rock their hair however they like, I will also inclu

Essential oils to add to your shampoo

Hello everyone! Today I want to share another easy way to use essential oils  – adding essential oils to your shampoo !  Making your hair healthy and stronger couldn’t get any easier.   It doesn’t really matter what shampoo you use, you too can experience the benefits of adding essential oils to your hair routine! Essential oils are packed with amazing antioxidants and other compounds that are healing, restorative and stimulating.   Nevertheless ; trying to incorporate essential oils into your life,  can be overwhelming .  Many of you just don’t have the time, am I right?  Well, with this simple technique, you can enjoy the benefits of essential oils for your hair, without a hassle! Here are some of the ways essential oils can help your hair: Stimulate growth Strengthen  follicles Eliminate dandruff Prevent premature greying Fight scalp acne Oil control Moisturise dry hair Reduce hair fall Repair damage Kill lice Fight fungal infections  How