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Why you should stop using regular hair towels

Hello everyone! Do you want healthy and luscious hair? You probably use the perfect shampoo and conditioner and have a few hair masks and leave-in hair products to help keep your locks hydrated. You think you have the whole hair-washing routine down, but did you know that  your towel might be damaging your hair ? Most people have the habit of drying their hair with a  terry towel  as soon as they step out of the shower. That said, this practice has to stop. As I told you in my previous post, I discovered the  Curly Girl Method  over a decade ago. Although I do not follow all the "rules", one permanent change I made back then was,  ditching the terrycloth towel , and I did not use one on my hair ever since.   Drying wet strands with a bath towel can seriously damage the hair. Rubbing your hair with a towel can lead to excessive hair breakage.  Keep in mind that the hair gets more elasticated when wet, making it more prone to breakage.  The hair shaft can be roughed up during t

My curl pattern is changing...

Hello everyone! Today I want to talk to you about my curly hair journey. I discovered the   Curly Girl Method  over a decade ago, and I loved pampering my hair and seeing it curl in a way I did not know it could. After years of wearing my hair curly, I wanted a change and started straightening it every Saturday. I eventually cut my long hair and wanted to wear my curls again. Luckily, my hair was not damaged and curled as it did before I straightened it. The last time I straightened my hair was in the spring of 2019. Whenever I wear my hair down, it's always in its wavy/curly state. Alternatively, I put it up in a bun.  December 2021 Christmas Day 2022 However, in the last year or so, I noticed my curl pattern was getting looser. I cut it shorter because, as it grows longer, the weight of the hair can cause curls to stretch. Still, to this day, my hair is a much looser wave pattern. Throughout the years, I learned a lot about specific ingredients and hair ca

Why you should wash your hair ties and scrunchies

Hello everyone! Your list of items to clean may seem endless, but there might be one last thing you overlooked; your hair tie. Adding more to your laundry pile might not sound appealing, but washing your hair ties and accessories is a must. I wash my hair ties twice a week, that is, every time I wash my hair. I was  shocked  to discover that many do not wash their hair ties and scrunchies!  Hair ties made of fabric , just like clothes, can become  magnets for dead skin cells, oils, bacteria and products . When you use them over and over again, you're putting the same old dirt and oil back onto your hair. Yuck! Many fabrics  absorb sweat and bacteria throughout the day , including hair ties and headbands, especially during workouts. Washing your fabric hair accessories is really important, especially after you sweat. Despite absorbing bacteria, dirty hair ties won't necessarily trouble your skin; unless the items come into contact with the skin, like headbands.  Fabric headbands

How to make your beauty routine more sustainable

Hello everyone! Sustainable , zero-waste beauty routines have become one of the biggest beauty trends as of late. Thanks to increased awareness, the beauty industry is finally waking up, with more consumers demanding cleaner, sustainably packaged beauty products. Even if you’re not ready to commit to a  zero-waste lifestyle  just yet, it’s easy to tweak your skin, hair, and makeup routines to benefit the planet. Luckily, many beauty brands are rising to the challenge with waste-free packaging and ethically sourced ingredients.  Here are a few simple ways to make your routine  greener and cleaner . Cut down on plastic. Buy products with eco-friendly packaging. Go package free. Choose recyclable packaging. Choose refillable packaging. Recycle or re-use your product containers. Use eco-friendly ingredients. Avoid microplastics. Do not use single-use products. Reduce your water usage. Shop from brands that give back to the planet. Concrete examples: Switch to a sustainable bamboo toothbru

First day of autumn | Post-summer DIY recipes

Hello everyone! Since today marks the official first day of autumn (fall), I have a special treat for all you DIY beauty lovers . I want to share two new DIY beauty recipes; one for your skin and another for your hair.  All the time spent soaking up rays has undoubtedly affected your skin and hair.  With the help of a few ingredients already in your kitchen, these DIY masks will give you a much-needed boost. Keep scrolling for two (2) DIYs, guaranteed to nurture skin and hair.  Nourishing hair mask I have already posted a  DIY banana hair mask  and a  DIY avocado hair mask  on this blog. I also published a  vegan alternative ! Since post-summer, and post-sun exposure, hair can be especially dry, combining the two for  extra nourishment  is ideal! Ingredients: 1/2 ripe avocado 1 ripe banana (1/2 for short hair) 2 tablespoons  pure coconut/almond/olive oil   (whichever you prefer) Method: Peel the avocado and the banana.      Blend or mix together until it turns creamy. Add the coconu

Fact or Fiction? #4 - Curly hair myths, debunked!

Hello everyone! I have not published a  Fact or Fiction?  post in such a long time, but this is, actually, my fourth beauty myths post. These posts are meant to debunk common beauty myths and misconceptions. For this fourth (4th) post, I chose to focus on curly hair.  I have a loose curl pattern (2c/3a) and, I have been wearing my hair naturally, on and off, for over a decade. I haven't straightened my hair in almost two and a half years! Needless to say, I learned quite a few tips and tricks along this journey. I found a lot of helpful information online, but also a lot of misinformation such as: 1. Do not wash your hair more than once a week. Fact or Fiction?  Fiction. There is no one golden rule when it comes to hair cleansing. If you don’t wash your hair enough, it will become flat and greasy. If you wash it too often, it will be dry and frizzy. You should wash your hair when it needs to be cleansed. 2. You only have curly hair if you don’t have to scrunch it. Fact or Ficti