Plopping wavy/curly hair!

Hello everyone!

As I told you in a previous post, I tend to get board easily with my hair style and I love changing it up. (This probably has something to do with the fact that I’m a Gemini!)

I have naturally wavy/curly hair, type 2c/3a to be exact!  I want to start wearing my hair curly again, it’s been a while and I miss it.  I do use a heat protectant every time I blow dry and straighten my hair; still I want to give my hair a break from heat styling.  When I wear my hair curly, I diffuse with cold air, but before that I shape my curls using the plopping/plunking method.

What is plopping/plunking?

Plopping (sometimes referred to as plunking) is a method used to help create curl structure prior to diffusing or air drying.  Plopping gives hair more volume and also reduces frizz!  This method is very popular among members.

How to plop?

Step 1:
After washing and conditioning your hair, rinse with cold water and gently squeeze out excess water.  Apply your hair styling product/s.

Step 2:
Put a microfibre towel (or cotton t-shirt) down on a chair or any other flat surface.  You can also use a microfibre hair turban.  Position the wet hair onto the towel so the curls are all concentrated on top of the head.  This structures your curls like an accordion, similar to scrunching.  

Step 3:
Twist the two ends of the towel to fit the size of your head.  Attach the two ends behind your head with a rubber band or tie them together.

Step 4:
Leave the towel on for at least 15-20 minutes.  For best results leave it on until your hair is about 60% dry. 

When you take the towel off, you can scrunch in a bit more gel, if you want to.  Let you hair air dry or blow-dry with a diffuser.  Try not to touch your hair until it’s completely dry; this will reduce frizz.    

What is your natural hair type?  If you’re not sure you can find out here.


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  2. Hey love this post, what products would you recommend to use with this? Ta :) xo

  3. @Leeny Any alcohol-free and silicone-free hair gel or styling mousse!

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