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Sunday, September 12, 2021

Why I choose to embrace my big forehead

September 12, 2021 3 Comments

Hello everyone!

Today I want to talk about one of my distinctive physical features; my fivehead. For those of you who do not know, a five-finger forehead (or fivehead) is a term used to describe a forehead that is the span of five fingers or more. Many people consider a large forehead as being an "ugly" and undesirable feature. Some will do anything and everything to try to make it less noticeable. The easiest way to do this is to wear bangs (a fringe). 

a selfie

A few days ago, I wrote about haircuts, more precisely, how often you should get a haircut or trim. I also trimmed my hair a couple of days ago; I cut my hair in layers to enhance the curl pattern. Usually, I cut my bangs every couple of years to change up my look. Then, I maintain them for a few months before the novelty wears off and remember why I hate having bangs. At the moment, I have face-framing layers but no annoying fringe/bangs. The face-framing layers are more noticeable when I wear a middle part!  

Whenever I cut my bangs, my friends and family members always comment on how flattering they are. I do love the look but, wearing a fringe can be a real pain!   

hair bun selfie

Truth be told, I wear my hair up 90% of the time, especially in the long, hot and humid summer months we experience here, in Malta. As you might have guessed, bangs are not a very practical style to wear in such weather conditions. Because bangs lay against the forehead, they pick up sebum very quickly. Not only is a fringe super prone to looking greasy, but it could also cause acne breakouts. Working out with bangs is a nightmare, and don't get me started on windy days. Most of the time, I pinned my bangs back anyway, and that defeats the whole purpose. A blunt fringe is also very high maintenance; I used to trim mine every two weeks.

I choose to embrace my large forehead and wear my hair however I want and part it whichever way I feel. It's not something I let bother me. But that being said, there's nothing wrong with some little tricks that may help you boost your confidence. Aside from a fringe, two such "tricks" are wearing statement earrings or wearing bright lip colour.  

Always remember that you are unique and irreplaceable!

Sunday, January 03, 2021

Favourite curl creams / leave-in conditioners of 2020

January 03, 2021 1 Comments
Hello everyone and Happy New Year! 

In this first post of the year, I want to share with you some of my favourite hair care products.  As I previously told you; I've been wearing my hair, exclusively, in its naturally wavy/curly state (2c/3a) since June 2019.  Using a curl cream or a leave-in conditioner is an important step in my curly routine, one I cannot skip.  

Here are the four (4) hair creams I purchased and repurchased in 2020...

curl creams and leave-in conditioners

The reason I use four different leave-ins is that I rotate between them, and use the cream that my hair needs on that particularly wash day.  Your hair should maintain a balance between moisture and protein and finding and maintaining the balance between these two is critical for achieving and maintaining healthy hair.  Neither protein nor moisture can work well without the other.

When my hair feels a bit dry and is in dire need of moisture, I use the Garnier Fructis Aloe Vera Air-Dry Cream.  This product is very moisture-rich and it does an amazing job at hydrating dry hair.  It is ideal for dehydrated hair, highly moisturising, with aloe vera extract and vegetable glycerin.

On the other end of the spectrum, if my hair feels over moisturised and needs protein, I use the Garnier Fructis Hydra Liss 10 in 1 Air Dry Cream.  This product is rich in protein and it also acts as a heat protectant.  In fact, it claims to be a ten actions in one product; heat protection, anti-frizz, anti-humidity, anti-breakage, anti-split ends, repairs, moisturises, softens, gives shine and does not weight down hair.  This leave-in treatment is enriched with argan oil and liquid amino-keratin.

I use the Suave Professionals Curl Defining Cream (with natural shea butter and pure coconut oil) when my hair is balanced and doesn't need more moisture than protein or vice versa.  Coconut oil does not contain proteins itself, it is composed of approximately 50% lauric acid which helps restore and strengthen the protein structure of your hair.  This product enhances my natural curl pattern and helps fight frizz while adding moisture and shine.  I only use a small amount of this cream as it tends to weigh down my hair if I use too much.

The Garnier Fructis Hydra Ricci Air-Dry Cream, has a little bit of hold, that the other three hair cream I use do not.  It does a good job at defining my curls, however, I still need to use a mousse or gel on top for hold (as I do with any cream I use).  This leave-in treatment is enriched with pistachio oil and in fact, it spells just like pistachio.

These products are very affordable and work well for my hair type.  If you use strictly CG (curly girl method) approved products, you can try the Garnier Fructis Aloe Vera Air Dry Cream; it is the only one of the four hair creams I mentioned that is silicone-free.  

Personally, I do not use sulphates or silicones in my shampoos and conditioners, but I don't mind using silicone in my stylers.  Here in Malta, the air is very humid all year round and the silicone in my stylers create a barrier against the moisture in the air.  I tried following the curly girl method to a T but my hair loves silicone curl creams and leave-in conditioners. 

What are your favourite leave-in hair products?

Wishing you a year fully loaded with happiness.

Saturday, August 15, 2020

My current haircut

August 15, 2020 3 Comments
Hello everyone!

Through the years, my hair has been anywhere from pixie short to knee length long (when I was 9/10).  A few years back I did a tag post where I answered questions about my hair; check it out - Tag post: My hair.  My hair usually flows between a mid-length that is a few inches below my collarbone, to something longer roughly at bra strap length.  

My hair right now (August 2020) is pretty long; mid-back length with layers throughout.  I also have soft face-framing layers (grown out bangs).  The shortest layers start just below my chin when curly.  I prefer a u-shaped cut over a v-shape.  Now I trim my hair every 8 (eight) weeks, I used to trim it every 4 (four) weeks until a few months ago when I wanted to keep it shorter. 

I've been cutting and dying my own hair since 2007-2008!  I am not encouraging anyone to cut their own hair.  I'm just telling you what I do and how I get this haircut.  If you do not feel confident do not do it.- leave it to the professionals.  But if you have wavey or curly hair and you want to cut your own hair I recommend watching Manes by Mell videos on YouTube.  

My hair colour is 7.1, dark ash blond is the name on the box but I describe it more as a lightish brown.  My natural hair colour is a medium brown but since I started going grey at the age of 21 (twenty-one) I felt like I had to colour my hair.  
If you are heading in for a hair appointment soon, I highly suggest taking photos of whatever haircut you are going for!  It’s helpful to discuss what you like and don’t like about each of the photos you bring so the stylist can have a clear vision of your hair goals!
I hope you are having a great hair day!

Saturday, April 11, 2015

A typical brunette?

April 11, 2015 0 Comments
Hello everyone!

At one point or another, we've all heard the stereotypes about hair colour.  Such as; “Blondes have more fun”, “Redheads are wild”, and “Brunettes are trustworthy”.   Of course, every now and then we do fall into those categories, but can hair colour really have an effect on our personality?  Totally, a new hair colour can enhance your mood, style, and confidence, as well as change the way other people perceive you.

Now, personally, I have dyed dark brown hair.  I'm a natural brunette, but my natural colour is a couple of shades lighter than my dye.  I'm considering changing it to a soft medium brown, for the warmer months ahead.  If you too are looking for your perfect hair colour check out  Madison Reed's  website for hair dye advice.   Madison Reedis a hair care company that specialises in hair dye.  Their dye is a healthier salon-quality alternative.

When it comes to stereotypes, the "problem" for brunettes is that a lot of people consider us to be plain and boring.  With brown hair being so common,  it is easy to go unnoticed as a brunette.  However, people also tend to take us more seriously, because of the old "blondes are dumb, brunettes are smart" stereotype.  Additionally, brown locks project sophistication, thoughtfulness, and inner strength.  Darker colours also suggest stability.

#curlyhairdontcare ;)

And now, let me tell you a bit about my personality.  In a nutshell, I'm introverted, independent, thoughtful, creative, analytical, tolerant, open-minded and free-spirited People who do not know me tend to think I'm shy.  When I was younger the fact that everyone assumed I was shy just because I'm more of a listener than I talker used to bother me.  Yes, I'm an introvert but I'm not shy.  I'm an INTP (introversion, intuition, thinking, perceiving)!  Nowadays, I really couldn't care less about what people think of me.  One of my favourite quotes is this one by Dr. Seuss:  "Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind."

So, you tell me; am I a typical brunette?  Do I conform to the stereotypes?  Leave a comment and let me know.

Have a great day!

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Hair growth chart

January 27, 2013 0 Comments

Hello everyone!
Check out this hair growth chart from NaturallyCurly.com!

5 tips for faster, healthier hair growth:

  1. Condition & detangle: Comb and detangle regularly with fingers or a wide-tooth comb to strengthen the muscles that hold each hair in place.  Deep condition every 2-3 days to replenish moisture.
  2. Massage your scalp: Products containing peppermint or eucalyptus oil can increase blood flow to your follicles.  Massage your scalp for 3 minutes before washing to add an extra inch of hair growth in one year.
  3. Feed your hair: Fruits and vegetables like asparagus, broccoli, collard greens, honeydew and mango contain nutrients essential to healthy hair.  Take supplements that contain folic acid and vitamins A,B,C,E and D.
  4. Trim only when needed: Get trims only when you have split ends or breakage.  If you don’t see any damage six weeks or six months after your last trim, then leave it alone.
  5. Handle with care: Avoid blow-drying  hot curling irons, colouring, perming, high winds and excessive hair twisting. Protect those locks by sealing your ends with oil and sleeping on a satin pillowcase
Do you want more reasons for sleeping on satin pillowcases?  Read this: The beauty benefits of silk
For more hair tips, check this out: Tips for growing long and healthy hair!

Share your hair growth tips in the comments below!


Hair Growth Chart

Monday, March 05, 2012

Plopping wavy/curly hair!

March 05, 2012 5 Comments

Hello everyone!

As I told you in a previous post, I tend to get board easily with my hair style and I love changing it up. (This probably has something to do with the fact that I’m a Gemini!)

I have naturally wavy/curly hair, type 2c/3a to be exact!  I want to start wearing my hair curly again, it’s been a while and I miss it.  I do use a heat protectant every time I blow dry and straighten my hair; still I want to give my hair a break from heat styling.  When I wear my hair curly, I diffuse with cold air, but before that I shape my curls using the plopping/plunking method.

What is plopping/plunking?

Plopping (sometimes referred to as plunking) is a method used to help create curl structure prior to diffusing or air drying.  Plopping gives hair more volume and also reduces frizz!  This method is very popular among NaturallyCurly.com members.

How to plop?

Step 1:
After washing and conditioning your hair, rinse with cold water and gently squeeze out excess water.  Apply your hair styling product/s.

Step 2:
Put a microfibre towel (or cotton t-shirt) down on a chair or any other flat surface.  You can also use a microfibre hair turban.  Position the wet hair onto the towel so the curls are all concentrated on top of the head.  This structures your curls like an accordion, similar to scrunching.  

Step 3:
Twist the two ends of the towel to fit the size of your head.  Attach the two ends behind your head with a rubber band or tie them together.

Step 4:
Leave the towel on for at least 15-20 minutes.  For best results leave it on until your hair is about 60% dry. 

When you take the towel off, you can scrunch in a bit more gel, if you want to.  Let you hair air dry or blow-dry with a diffuser.  Try not to touch your hair until it’s completely dry; this will reduce frizz.    

What is your natural hair type?  If you’re not sure you can find out here.


Pictures from here.