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Why you should stop using regular hair towels

Hello everyone! Do you want healthy and luscious hair? You probably use the perfect shampoo and conditioner and have a few hair masks and leave-in hair products to help keep your locks hydrated. You think you have the whole hair-washing routine down, but did you know that  your towel might be damaging your hair ? Most people have the habit of drying their hair with a  terry towel  as soon as they step out of the shower. That said, this practice has to stop. As I told you in my previous post, I discovered the  Curly Girl Method  over a decade ago. Although I do not follow all the "rules", one permanent change I made back then was,  ditching the terrycloth towel , and I did not use one on my hair ever since.   Drying wet strands with a bath towel can seriously damage the hair. Rubbing your hair with a towel can lead to excessive hair breakage.  Keep in mind that the hair gets more elasticated when wet, making it more prone to breakage.  The hair shaft can be roughed up during t

My curl pattern is changing...

Hello everyone! Today I want to talk to you about my curly hair journey. I discovered the   Curly Girl Method  over a decade ago, and I loved pampering my hair and seeing it curl in a way I did not know it could. After years of wearing my hair curly, I wanted a change and started straightening it every Saturday. I eventually cut my long hair and wanted to wear my curls again. Luckily, my hair was not damaged and curled as it did before I straightened it. The last time I straightened my hair was in the spring of 2019. Whenever I wear my hair down, it's always in its wavy/curly state. Alternatively, I put it up in a bun.  December 2021 Christmas Day 2022 However, in the last year or so, I noticed my curl pattern was getting looser. I cut it shorter because, as it grows longer, the weight of the hair can cause curls to stretch. Still, to this day, my hair is a much looser wave pattern. Throughout the years, I learned a lot about specific ingredients and hair ca

Curly hair gift ideas for Christmas

  Hello everyone! Christmas is almost here, and if you’re stuck for curly hair gift ideas, I’ve got the gift guide for you. In this list, I included various useful items which vary in price. Whether you’re looking for gift ideas for yourself or trying to decide what to buy your curly-haired friend or family member, this guide is filled with ideas.  Here are my choice of curly hair gift ideas: Curly hair accessories Satin scrunchies  Satin-lined beanie hat Satin accessories are great curly hair gift ideas; not only do they look super cute, but they also help keep curls frizz-free. Headbands Claw Clips Headbands and claw clips are back in style, and most of all, they are curly-hair-friendly. You can also find satin-lined headbands. Scalp massager/Shampoo brush A silicone scalp massager can be used when cleansing the scalp to give a really deep cleanse. Anyone can use a shampoo brush, but it is ideal for those who co-wash or struggle with buildup. Spray bottle Every curly girl needs a spr

Why I choose to embrace my big forehead

Hello everyone! Today I want to talk about one of my distinctive physical features ; my  fivehead . For those of you who do not know, a five-finger forehead (or fivehead) is a term used to  describe a forehead that is the span of five fingers or more . Many people consider a large forehead as being an "ugly" and undesirable feature. Some will do anything and everything to try to make it less noticeable. The easiest way to do this is to wear bangs (a fringe).  A few days ago, I wrote about haircuts, more precisely,  how often you should get a haircut or trim . I also trimmed my hair a couple of days ago; I cut my hair in layers to enhance the curl pattern. Usually, I cut my bangs every couple of years to change up my look. Then, I maintain them for a few months before the novelty wears off and remember why I hate having bangs. At the moment, I have face-framing layers but no annoying fringe/bangs.  The face-framing layers are more noticeable when I wear a middle part!   Whenev

Favourite curl creams / leave-in conditioners of 2020

Hello everyone and Happy New Year!  In this first post of the year, I want to share with you some of my favourite hair care products.  As I previously told you; I've been wearing my hair, exclusively, in its naturally wavy/curly state (2c/3a) since June 2019.  Using a curl cream or a leave-in conditioner is an important step in my curly routine, one I cannot skip.   Here are the four (4) hair creams I purchased and repurchased in 2020... The reason I use four different leave-ins is that I rotate between them, and use the cream that my hair needs on that particularly wash day.  Your hair should maintain a balance between moisture and protein  and finding and  maintaining the balance between  these two is critical for achieving and  maintaining   healthy   hair.    Neither  protein  nor  moisture  can work well without  the  other. When my hair feels a bit dry and is in dire need of moisture , I use the   Garnier Fructis  Aloe Vera Air-Dry Cream .  This product is very moisture-ric

My current haircut

Hello everyone! Through the years, my hair has been anywhere from pixie short to knee length long (when I was 9/10).  A few years back I did a tag post where I answered questions about my hair; check it out - Tag post: My hair .  My hair usually flows between a mid-length that is a few inches below my collarbone, to something longer roughly at bra strap length.   My hair right now (August 2020) is pretty long;  mid-back length with layers throughout .  I also have soft face-framing layers (grown out bangs).  T he shortest layers start just below my chin when curly.   I prefer a u-shaped cut over a v-shape.  Now I trim my hair every 8 (eight) weeks, I used to trim it every 4 (four) weeks until a few months ago when I wanted to keep it shorter.  I've been cutting and dying my own hair since 2007-2008!    I am not encouraging anyone to cut their own hair.  I'm just telling you what I do and how I get this haircut.  If you do not feel confident   do not