Curly hair gift ideas for Christmas

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Christmas is almost here, and if you’re stuck for curly hair gift ideas, I’ve got the gift guide for you. In this list, I included various useful items which vary in price. Whether you’re looking for gift ideas for yourself or trying to decide what to buy your curly-haired friend or family member, this guide is filled with ideas. 

Here are my choice of curly hair gift ideas:

woman with curly hair wearing a Santa hat with gift in her hands.

Curly hair accessories

  • Satin scrunchies 
  • Satin-lined beanie hat

Satin accessories are great curly hair gift ideas; not only do they look super cute, but they also help keep curls frizz-free.

  • Headbands
  • Claw Clips

Headbands and claw clips are back in style, and most of all, they are curly-hair-friendly. You can also find satin-lined headbands.

Scalp massager/Shampoo brush

A silicone scalp massager can be used when cleansing the scalp to give a really deep cleanse. Anyone can use a shampoo brush, but it is ideal for those who co-wash or struggle with buildup.

Spray bottle

Every curly girl needs a spray bottle! For less frizz and more definition, wet styling is the best option. If you’re going to purchase a spray bottle, I recommend opting for a continuous mist bottle because they are gentler on the wrist and on your curls. Unlike a regular spray bottle, a continuous spray bottle delivers a burst of mist that lasts 3-5 seconds per press. A continuous spray can be given by pressing the trigger constantly.

Curl microfiber towel

If you know curly hair, you probably know that a regular cotton terry towel causes frizz, strips moisture, and roughens the hair cuticles. While people with curly hair can use a cotton t-shirt to dry their hair, a curl towel or towel wrap makes a lovely gift.

Detangling/Styling brush

For those with tangle-prone hair, a detangling brush makes a great gift. I love using a Tangle Teezer for both detangling and brush styling. I recommend the Naturally Curly brush.

Styling-wise, the Denman brush is a cult favourite in the curly hair community, so it’ll make a great gift. I recommend the medium classic styling brush with 7 rows of nylon pins, the D3.

Satin pillowcase and/or satin bonnet

Satin help protects curls overnight. It helps keep curls moisturised, and because hair glides across the fabric, it can drastically reduce frizz. Modern satin is mostly vegan, as it is created from synthetic fabrics, however, some manufacturers might occasionally use silk. Keep in mind that silk is not vegan!

person wrapping Christmas gift

Hair dryer diffuser

Diffusers are a curly hair staple, especially in the cold winter months. There are hundreds to choose from; If you are shopping for someone with thick and/or long hair, I recommend picking a diffuser with a large head, as this will reduce the drying time.

And last but not least, a gift idea for the curly who has everything!

Curly haircut voucher

What do we buy the person who has everything? A voucher, of course! Curly haircuts can be pricey, but luckily, most hair salons offer gift vouchers. This makes an ideal gift for that special someone in your life.

So, that’s my guide to the best curly hair gifts; I hope you like them. Happy shopping...

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  1. Microfiber towels have been a game changer for my curly/wavy hair as they seem to really help cut down on the amount of frizz I get — great ideas/post!

  2. This is a great list of items! I have bought myself a scalp scrubber earlier this year and it's really changed my hair game. I feel like there's less buildup, and my hair's growing even faster! Great post xx

    Melina |

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