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Curly hair gift ideas for Christmas

  Hello everyone! Christmas is almost here, and if you’re stuck for curly hair gift ideas, I’ve got the gift guide for you. In this list, I included various useful items which vary in price. Whether you’re looking for gift ideas for yourself or trying to decide what to buy your curly-haired friend or family member, this guide is filled with ideas.  Here are my choice of curly hair gift ideas: Curly hair accessories Satin scrunchies  Satin-lined beanie hat Satin accessories are great curly hair gift ideas; not only do they look super cute, but they also help keep curls frizz-free. Headbands Claw Clips Headbands and claw clips are back in style, and most of all, they are curly-hair-friendly. You can also find satin-lined headbands. Scalp massager/Shampoo brush A silicone scalp massager can be used when cleansing the scalp to give a really deep cleanse. Anyone can use a shampoo brush, but it is ideal for those who co-wash or struggle with buildup. Spray bottle Every curly girl needs a spr

Twelve (12) vegan-friendly Advent calendars to shop right now

Hello everyone! For Christians everywhere, Advent is  the period leading up to Christmas . For Catholics, this year, Advent starts on Sunday, the  27th of November .   The word "advent" means "arrival" or "coming".  Lately, the word advent has become associated with A dvent calendars . Calendars filled with chocolate began to appear in the late 1950s and soon began to spread around the world. But, in recent years, these calendars have become more popular than ever. While the date of the first day of Advent changes each year, mass-produced, Advent calendars tend to run from  December 1st through December 24th . An Advent calendar  helps count the days until Christmas , usually with a small item or phrase revealed each day.  The proper way to work through an Advent calendar is  to start with the box labelled "one".  The point of the calendar is not to count down but rather to count up towards Christmas Day. Advent calendars can have a variety of s

Eight (8) Christmas books for adults

  Hello everyone! Only one week until Christmas day!  Some of you might still need a little help getting into the  Christmas spirit . Just like the TV movies we all love to watch during the holidays, books can be just as festive.  Christmas books  are not just for kids; this post list books to read at Christmas for adults, including some romance novels, comedies, and even mysteries. In my previous post, I suggested  eight Christmas books for children .  This time, I chose eight books for adults!  The Christmas Escape  by Sarah Morgan An uplifting story of friendship, the festive season, and risking everything for the biggest gift of all! Last Christmas in Paris: A Novel of World War I  by Hazel Gaynor and Heather Webb An unforgettably romantic novel that spans four Christmases (1914-1918) One More Christmas at the Castle  by Trisha Ashley A heartwarming novel about second chances. The Greatest Gift: A Christmas Tale  by Philip Van Doren Stern The Christmas movie  It’s a Wonderful Life

Eight (8) Christmas books for children

Hello everyone! The holidays are a magical time! Moods are high as we spend more quality time with our loved ones. A great way to spend time with the little ones in our family during the holidays is by reading Christmas books to/with them. If you are a parent or guardian, you can also add these books to your child's nightly bedtime stories . Here are eight (8)  Christmas books that the kids will surely love: Merry Christmas, Mr. Mouse  by Caralyn Buehner The story of the Mouse family’s first Christmas. A lively story about discovering the joy and meaning of Christmas. Love Came Down at Christmas  by Tim Wesemann Gentle rhyme and beautiful artwork bring young readers to the manger to celebrate the gift of the Christ Child. A Night Like No Other  by Werner Cherie A book that shares the story of the first Christmas night. They Followed the Star   by A.E. Dingee From the Sony Pictures Animation’s film  The Star . Bo the donkey and his friends   follow the Star that leads them to