Christmas gifts that will make an impact for 2023

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Christmas gifts are among the most expensive yet wanted, and the season is almost here. But what do you get for that special someone, your amazing kids, or even yourself this year? From Barbie making a comeback to including sophisticated tastes, here are a few suggestions.

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Saying it with a precious stone

Jewellery is a timeless gift and has always been a great way to express appreciation, friendship, and love. As such, each stone or metal has associated events, months, and times of your life. Diamonds are the pinnacle of precious stone collections, but it is a complex subject. Here’s a guide to diamond measurements so you can order what you need. Other precious stones that make a great gift include rose quartz, green jade, and citrine for positivity in someone’s life.

Barbie, Barbie, and more Barbie

The recently released Barbie movie has been a massive success, even beating the record for Warner Brothers’ other huge hit, The Dark Knight. This has been somewhat of a revival for Barbie, and if you have children, they will undoubtedly have Babie marked on their wishlist. Barbie is also known for positive female messages, and as such, the revived popularity has also inspired Mattel to make a Barbie companion doll of none other than the legendary Stevie Nicks.

Video gaming Christmas gifts

There are over 3 billion gamers in the world, and the industries, therefore, are huge. Because of this, the list of new items and games never ends. Consoles are released around every 7 years. But there are always smaller devices to accompany these, such as VR and handhelds. This year, the PSVR2 was released, and the PlayStation Portal is due on 15th November. Also, cloud video gaming is more popular now, and there is a new Chromebook dedicated to video games.

Personal taste appliances

We all have our indulgences, and they can get expensive. However, home-based appliances for your personal tastes can save you a ton of money. Some of these include home-brewing beer kits or CO2 keg devices. But among the most popular are coffee machines. From coffee pod devices like Nespresso to bean-to-cup machines such as Siemens EQ700, these make great gifts. They are expensive, but they save a lot of money and pay for themselves after a while.

A movie cinema pass

You could argue that with all the early streaming releases, that cinema is dead. Additionally, you want to get the most out of your home-based setup, which makes cinema movies a no-go for some people. However, the art form is alive and well, although the pandemic almost put an end to it. Some people love nothing more than being romanced, rib-tickled, or terrified among strangers in a darkened room. And a cinema pass can save a bundle of cash in the longer term.


Jewellery with precious stones and metals is among the best Christmas gifts for some people. But there are bound to be gamers in your circle who would love something in that genre. And you can also indulge in hobbies such as coffee or even cinema-going with devices and a pass.

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