New ear piercing and future piercings? πŸ‘‚

Hello everyone!

A little over two years ago I published a post titled "All about my piercings" in which I shared my ear piercing experience.Β  This past January I added another ear piercing but by the time it healed Covid-19 had spread and I forgot to write about it in my blog.Β  The "new" piercing I had done is nothing special, in fact, it's the most common piercing ever.Β Β 

I added a second lobe piercing in my left ear.Β Β Lobe piercing tends to be an almost universally accepted body modification.Β  ThisΒ piercing has a relatively quick healing time of 6 to 8 weeks.Β Β Many people have second lobe piercings and most people choose to have a matching pair.Β  Well, not me!Β Β 

I'm not a fan of symmetrical ear-piercing placements.Β  As I told you in the above-mentioned post, I have a standard lobe and a high lobe/auricle piercing in my right ear.Β  However, I chose to have a standard lobe and a second lobe piercing in my left ear.Β  I also have a tragus piercing in my left ear.

Here's what they look like... πŸ‘€Β πŸ‘‡

ear lobe and tragus piercings

Do I have any plans for future piercings?Β  Actually, I would like to add two more.Β  A flat/outer conch piercing in my right ear and a helix piercing in my left ear.Β  TheΒ outer conchΒ is the flat piece of the ear between the helix and the antihelix, aka the "flat".Β  I would wear a tiny stud in the flat and a hoop in the helix.Β  Those piercings would look something like this... πŸ‘‡

ear piercings

I feel like these two ear piercings would complete my look!Β  What do you think?Β Β 

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  1. That was an interesting post. I loved your fashion sense in this post and your accessories as well. These kinds of accessories are liked by people of all age groups. Especially, among the youngsters, the obsession for Such identity accessories including piercing jewelry has changed the style statements. A fashion accessory is a decorative item that supplements one's outfit. An accessory adds color, style, and class in an outfit. Well, if I'd be asked to add accessories to my style, I would prefer cartilage earrings jewelry in the first place.

  2. These are good ear piercing ideas. Keep posting.

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