Natural pre-dye hair treatment

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Most people love to colour their hair, either for change or to cover white hair.  Unfortunately, the effect of hair dyes can be devastating.  All conventional hair colours contain hydrogen peroxide.  This causes severe damage to hair and scalp.

So what should you do?
Treat your hair naturally as much as possible and always prepare your hair for dyeing in advance.  
Coconut oil hair treatment before hair dyeing does miracles.  Trust me, I've done it several timesCoconut oil is the best choice for you to save your hair all the damaging consequences of dyeing and bleaching your hair.

How to use coconut oil as a pre-dye treatment:
  1. Cleanse hair from any other oil or conditioner.
  2. Apply warm coconut oil to dry hair.  
  3. Message the scalp with coconut oil then spread it to your whole hair.  
  4. Coat all of your hair with coconut oil from root to tip.
  5. Leave it for at least one hour then dye your hair as you usually do.  DO NOT WASH OFF THE COCONUT OIL!
I like to sleep with coconut oil soaked hair the night before, then colour my hair as usual the next day with the oil still in my hair.  This treatment leaves my hair soft and conditioned and my hair colour is even and vibrant.

How does it work:
  • The science behind it says that coconut oil is a natural chelating agent which chelates the damaging iron and copper produced by the chemical reaction which happens when you use peroxide on your hair.
  • It protects the hair from the damaging effects of peroxide, by making a natural protecting cover for hair.  It protects the hair from the outer layer to the deepest layer.
  • Coconut oil binds to hair protein molecules, thus protecting the hair from losing its main building block (protein).
  • An additional benefit from coconut oil is that, it increases the dye uptake by the hair which gives a harmonious and vibrant hair colour result.
Have you heard of this treatment before?  If you have tried it, share your experience below!

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