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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Spring/Summer braids

Braids are the hottest trend for Spring/Summer 2012.  From milkmaid braids to fishtails (herringbone braids) and braided up-dos, braids can be worn on daily basis as well as for special occasions.
Timeless, and oh so pretty, braids are coming stronger than ever this season with newer, unique versions.  Check out these gorgeous, worth trying braided hairstyle trends. 

The side braid as seen on:

Miley Cyrus

Selena Gomez

Eva Longoria

Jennifer Hudson

Salma Hayek

The milkmaid braid as seen on:

Brooklyn Decker

Sienna Miller

Mary Kate Olsen

Check out this video to learn how to do the milkmaid braid: 

The fishtail (herringbone) braid as seen on:

Vanessa Hudgens

Kim Kardashian

Leona Lewis


Blake Lively

Check out this video to learn how to do a fishtail braid in a few easy steps: 

Braided up-dos as seen on:

Charlize Theron

Jessica Alba

Heidi Klum

Kristen Bell

Nicole Richie

Scarlett Johansson

Penelope Cruz

Braids are also great if you want to give your locks a break from heat styling this season.  Trust me; your hair will thank you.


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