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How to style uneven earlobe piercings

Hello everyone! As you can see from the current most popular posts in the sidebar, piercing-related articles are well-liked on this blog. Today I want to talk to you about an unfortunate situation; that sadly is not that uncommon! Uneven piercings occur   when one ear is pierced slightly higher or off to one side from the other. When this happens, the only way to correct the problem is to have one of your lobes re-pierced to match the other. First, the earrings must be removed, and the piercing must close before you can pierce it again. Healing generally takes six to eight weeks. If a person only has one set of earlobe piercings , the best thing to do is getting one or both ears re-pierced. However, if the unevenness happens with a second or third set of lobe piercings , there can be other options. If getting them re-pierced isn't an option for you, and you do not want any more piercings , your best option is mixing and matching your earrings. Having different shapes and sizes a

Autumn (Fall) 2021 nail colour trends + NOTD: Green with envy

 Hello everyone! Autumn/Fall is only a few days away and, with the new season come new nail polish colour trends .   In today's post, I will share my favourite colours for the coming season! Let me start with one of my favourite nail colour trends ; Green Green nail polishes are becoming very popular in every shade you can think of - from olive and sage to hunter green and jade. Since this is the nail colour I am wearing right now, I'm adding a  "nails of the day" (NOTD)   post in this article.    Back when I started this blog, I used to publish these types of posts quite regularly.    Deep nude Nude colours have an elegant and clean look.  Selecting a slightly deeper tone is a great  way to update your look for the new season. Deep red Reds and burgundies are traditional autumn and winter colours but hugely popular this year, nonetheless.  Brown From chocolate brown, tan, or taupe, there are various shades of brown you can choose from.  Mix and match When you cannot

Six (6) reasons to keep your nails short

Hello everyone! Long nails are perceived by many as being classy and stylish.  However, long nails may not be worth the looks. Below are six (6) reasons to opt for short nails instead of long ones. 1.  Practical Short nails give you the freedom to do all the things that you love without restrictions - you can easily do your chores, pull your zipper, buckle shoes, play with your pet or young children and wear contact lenses.  People with long nails know the pain of trying to do the simplest, everyday tasks.  Typing on a keyboard, opening containers, and even fiddling with buttons can prove to be difficult with long fingernails in the way.  2.  Fuss-free The last thing you need on your worry list is the possibility of breaking a nail.  Keeping long nails also pose a health hazard to you and the people around you.  Constantly poking yourself in the eye -  not fun! 3.  Hygienic Health and hygiene go hand in hand.  Fingernails can harbour dirt and germs, leading to the spread of infections.

Cute and easy back to school hairstyles

Hello everyone! I lived here in Malta all my life.  What many of you might not know is that: students in Malta have to wear a uniform.  They also have a strike dress code, and makeup is not allowed.  There are also regulations regarding hairstyles, schoolbags and the wearing of jewellery.   But since this post is all about  back to school hairstyles , let's focus on hair regulations for a second.  Hairstyles "unbecoming the school uniform" (whatever that means) are strictly forbidden.  Students have to keep their hair tidy and tied back if it is long.   No "extravagant" hair colouring is allowed.  Only simple hair bands matching the school colours may be worn; other hair accessories are not allowed.  Needless to say that fashion-wise, my schooldays were not fun at all! For this reason, in today's post, I will include simple hairstyles that can be worn by most hair types.  And for all the lucky ones who can rock their hair however they like, I will also inclu

Femme Luxe fashion haul on a good hair day

Hello everyone! This past couple of days I published 3 (three) blog posts.  On Friday, I wrote about what kind of earrings you should wear with your protective face mask in a post titled Accessorising during a pandemic .   Then, on Saturday I wrote about My current haircut and in the early hours of this morning, I published a FOTD (Face Of The Day) post in which I wrote about wearing makeup under face masks in a post titled FOTD: Do you wear makeup under your face masks? Today's post is one of my favourite kind of blog post; a fashion haul !  I love doing this kind of post for a few reasons: first, I love showing you what I get and sharing the links with you so you too can shop my style , if you want to.  Second, I love having an excuse to dress up, and in this case, put on makeup and take some pictures.  Funnily enough, I HATED having my photo taken ever since I can remember.  My childhood photo albums are full of pictures of me pouting or covering my face beca