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The history and psychology of hair colour

Hello everyone! O ver a year ago I wrote a post titled  A typical brunette?   in which I mentioned common stereotypes about hair colour.    Numerous stereotypes associated with our hair colour, texture and style still exist today.   Salons Direct  created an infographic which looks deeper into the  history and psychology of hair colour .   They've taken a look at the stereotypes surrounding hair colour and have worked with a leading colour psychologist to examine these stereotypes.  They have also conducted a research and found some very interesting results supporting these preconceptions, including: • Brunettes are considered more intelligent • Blondes are considered the most attractive • Redheads were seen to be the feistiest Check it out: Via  Salons Direct   What colour is your hair?   Do you fit the stereotype of your hair colour?   Leave a comment below!

A typical brunette?

Hello everyone! At one point or another, we've all heard the stereotypes about hair colour.  Such as; “Blondes have more fun” ,   “Redheads are wild” , and   “Brunettes are trustworthy”.   Of course, every now and then we do fall into those categories,  but can hair colour really have an effect on our personality?  Totally, a new hair colour can enhance your mood, style, and confidence, as well as change the way other people perceive you. Now, personally, I have dyed dark brown hair.  I'm a natural brunette, but my natural colour is a couple of shades lighter than my dye.   I'm considering changing it to a soft medium brown, for the warmer months ahead.    If you too are looking for your perfect hair colour check out    Madison Reed 's   website for  hair dye  advice .     Madison Reed ,  is a hair care company that specialises in   hair dye .   Their dye is a healthier  salon-quality alternative. When it comes to stereotypes, the "problem" for br