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Strobing | The "anti-contouring"

Hello everyone! For those who don't like contouring and those who never quite figured out how to contour, meet " strobing".   B asically strobing is an  "anti-contouring" technique .   Strobing uses highlighter to bring out your features and helps you achieve a dewy and neutral look.  This technique  uses light to shape your face rather than contouring which primarily uses shadows.   Typically we pair highlighting with contouring but highlight is quite beautiful on its own, especially in the summer months.  How to get the look: With strobing, you simply apply a generous amount of highlighter in the inner corners of your eyes, under your brow bones, the tops of your cheekbones, your temples, your Cupid’s bow, the bridge of your nose and anywhere the light naturally hits your face and then blend .  The key is to find a liquid or powder highlighter that compliments your skin tone. Do you prefer strobing over highlighting and counturing?  I c

How to create your own make-up

Hello everyone! If you are not new to this blog you already know how much I love DIY beauty recipes ; natural recipes that do not contain any of the harmful chemical ingredients found in most store-bought beauty products.  That is how I came up with the name  Cosette's Beauty Pantry !  Health Perch has put together an infographic on how to create your own make-up , and I thought you might enjoy it!  Check it out: "Ditch The Chemicals" on Health Perch I will definitely be trying out some of these natural make-up recipes.  Are you interested in trying out some of these recipes too?  Leave a comment and let me know! Related posts: DIY: Translucent face powder DIY: Make-up setting spray DIY: All-natural dry shampoo DIY: Natural pre-dye hair treatment DIY: Natural deodorant

FOTD: My everyday make-up look

Hello everyone! This is my first Face Of The Day ( FOTD ) post!  My current everyday make-up routine  is so easy that I thought I'd share it with you.  This is also a very  minimalist and   speedy look !   Here's a list of  everything  I used: Face -  Kost Make-up Face & Eyes Primer Max Factor Lasting Performance Foundation in 101 Ivory Beige The Body Shop  Concealer Pencil in 01 DIY Translucent Face Powder DIY Make-up Setting Spray Eyes -   Yesensy Retractable  Eyeliner  in 01 Black Yesensy Volume Up Mascara in 03 Transparent L'Oreal Extra Volume Collagen Mascara in Black Eyebrows -  Essence  Eyebrow Designer Pencil in  02 Brown Yesensy Volume Up Mascara in 03 Transparent Lips - Sibella Lip Balm e.l.f. Mineral Lip Gloss in Trendsetter Hope you enjoyed this kind of post.  Do give me feedback in the comments below and look out for future FOTD posts.   This post is  not  sponsored. Instagram  /  Twitter  /

No make-up allowed!

Hello everyone! Some schools have a really strict no make-up policy but if you follow  these  tips nobody will be able to tell you're wearing any.  Here are a few tips for your eyebrows, face, eyes and lips! Eyebrows: Grooming you eyebrows will help to open your eyes and frame your face.  Make sure to click here to find out what eyebrow shape will suit your face. Tame unruly eyebrows using an  eyebrow gel  or  clear mascara . Face: Wear a good moisturiser and a face primer .   You don't have to wear any make-up on top of it.  A good primer can reduce the appearance of enlarged pores, even out your skin tone and control shine.   You could also use a tinted moisturiser or BB cream . Remember, if you have oily skin, never  leave  the house without  blotting   sheets ! Eyes: Use an eyelash curler.  Apply a couple of coats of clear mascara to your eyelashes. Lips: Apply some lip balm .   Smile!   Your face looks great when you smile.  You do

DIY: Make-up setting spray

Hello everyone! You have probably noticed that most make-up setting sprays can be quite pricey, but this DIY setting spray  is very affordable.  It has only 2 ingredients and it is healthy for your skin.  What more could you ask for?  You will need: vegetable glycerin rose water small spray/mister bottle Method: The recipe calls for a 1:10 glycerin to distilled water ratio .  I like to substitute the water with rose water .  Instead of just water, you could also use a mixture of water, rosewater and witch hazel .  Measure the glycerin and put it into the spray bottle. Add the rose water. Shake to amalgamate the ingredients together. How to use: UPDATE:  Vegetable glycerin for glowing skin! Spray before you apply any make-up as a primer and again after you have applied your make-up to seal it in place.  Don’t hold the spray bottle too close, you don’t want to get your face wet!  Just a slight mist will do.  This spray helps set your f

Eyebrow pencil tips

Hello everyone! As we all know, well  groomed  eyebrows  balance your features and  frame your eyes .  As I told you previously,  I'm  kind of obsessed with eyebrows !  A common way to groom your eyebrows is by using eyebrow pencil .  This post will explain how to use it correctly. If you want well defined, natural-looking eyebrows, all you have to do is follow these few simple steps and additional tips below. Step 1: Fill-in the eyebrows with your pencil using thin, hair-like strokes.  Use short strokes that overlap, to make the eyebrows appear fuller. Step 2: Blend colour and groom brows with an eyebrow comb or spooley brush . Step 3: (Optional) For very defined brows, take a small flat brush and apply creamy concealer around the brows to tidy up the edges.   Step 4: (Optional) Keep you eyebrows in place with a brow gel . Tips: Choose the shade closest to you natural colour. Never, ever fill in your brows with black pencil!   Unless you want t

DIY: Translucent face powder

Hello everyone! Today's post is a simple recipe for translucent face powder !  Not only is it easy to make, but it also gives your skin a break from all the toxins and chemicals found in commercial face powders!  The ingredients are items that you probably  already  have in your kitchen. This powder is very effective at mattifying the skin and setting your make-up and because it’s made with skin-loving ingredients, it will also nourish your skin !   Here’s how you make it: Ingredients: Arrowroot powder : this powder is made from dehydrated and ground arrowroot, which is known to have skin-smoothing effects.   Corn flour ( cornstarch ): absorbs excess oil, helping to give your skin a matte finish Cocoa powder : has anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, which help to firm and renew your skin All three ingredients can be found at the cooking and baking supply section at the store! Method: Combine 2 tablespoons of arrowroot powder and 2 te

What is the point of clear mascara?

Clear mascara is one of those make-up products you might not use very often.¬† It defines and separates the lashes, adding volume and the illusion of length. ¬†But did you know that there are other ways you can use clear mascara? Here are just some of the ways to use clear mascara:¬† It is essential for the natural look - especially on the beach when you still want extra oomph, but without the panda-like effect. Clear mascara can be used to tame the eyebrows - for an instantly polished look. Try it as a base coat . ¬† Layer a light base of clear on first, let it dry, and then apply the dark mascara. If your regular mascara tends to smudge, you can apply a top coat of clear mascara to seal it. Use clear mascara after curling the lashes to hold the curl. If you only apply dark mascara on the upper lashes, use a clear one on the bottom -¬†for a lighter, daytime look that won't run . Coloured mascara ‚Äď Get loose powdered shadow in a fun, bright colour

My favourite make-up trends for this season (A/W 2011-2012)

Fall/Autumn-Winter 2011-2012 make-up trends Summer is over, and with the new season come new make-up trends.  The main trends in make-up for this season can be described as natural, elegant and sexy.  This fall and winter, every girl can find something suitable for her personality. One of the main trends is definitely, the natural look: Nude lips and bare face Pink/nude lips are very popular, combined with barely-there makeup.   This fall you can forget about intense, bold coral or pink blushers.   Make sure you have a flawless face, using the right shade of foundation or tinted  moisturiser  and a good concealer.   For this look do not overuse powder, looking natural is the key. Natural eyebrows Forget thin, over-plucked eyebrows.  This fall it's all about full, natural broad (almost bushy), brows. Neither too neat nor too messy.  So you should be more careful with your tweezers, but the shadows and brow pencils may also come in handy. Gi