What is the point of clear mascara?

Clear mascara is one of those make-up products you might not use very often.  It defines and separates the lashes, adding volume and the illusion of length.  But did you know that there are other ways you can use clear mascara?

Here are just some of the ways to use clear mascara: 
  • It is essential for the natural look - especially on the beach when you still want extra oomph, but without the panda-like effect.
  • Clear mascara can be used to tame the eyebrows - for an instantly polished look.
  • Try it as a base coat.  Layer a light base of clear on first, let it dry, and then apply the dark mascara.
  • If your regular mascara tends to smudge, you can apply a top coat of clear mascara to seal it.
  • Use clear mascara after curling the lashes to hold the curl.
  • If you only apply dark mascara on the upper lashes, use a clear one on the bottom - for a lighter, daytime look that won't run.
  • Coloured mascara – Get loose powdered shadow in a fun, bright colour and dip the wand in it.  Twist in the shadow and lightly add to your lashes.  This will create a subtle hue.  Wash the wand, let your lashes dry, and add on a sealer coat of clear.
  • Using the above method, you can create your own tinted eyebrow gel.
  • Acts as a sealant when dipped onto an angled brush and applied over eye-liner.
  • Helps put fly-aways in place.  This works great for when your hair is pulled back.

If you have more tips, leave them in the comments!

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