Weekly recap 06 - 12 November

Hello everyone!

Happy Sunday, and welcome to my weekly blog recap! This week I only published two articles, so this post will be a quick one!

Here's a quick summary:

In the first article, I shared some easy and practical tips to help you declutter your living spaces and create a more organised environment. From sorting through your belongings to creating designated storage areas, these simple strategies will make a big difference in reducing clutter and promoting a sense of calm in your home. 

In the second article, I discussed coping with grief and loss, offering insights and suggestions on how to navigate through the difficult emotions that come with experiencing loss. Whether it's the loss of a loved one, a job, or a relationship, grief can be overwhelming and challenging to navigate. In this article, I will explore the importance of self-care during the grieving process and provide practical tips on how to prioritise your well-being while coping with loss. Additionally, I will discuss the significance of seeking support from others and how connecting with a support network can help you through this difficult time. 

Check out the links below for more details:

weekly recap

  1. Simple ways to declutter your spaces
  2. Coping with grief and loss

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I'm a vegan with a passion for sustainability and clean, cruelty-free products. I mainly write lifestyle, wellness and self-care articles. Since I'm a true crime enthusiast, sometimes I also write about true crime and post videos on my two YouTube channels.

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