Ten (10) ways to get in the Halloween spirit

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With the falling leaves, dropping temperatures and Halloween just around the corner, a spooky chill is in the air. It's time to eat treats and be scary. Check out some ideas below to get yourself into the Halloween spirit!

1. Have a spooky movie night

Grab your blanket, popcorn, and candy, and get ready for a spooky movie marathon! Read this: Six (6) must-watch ghost movies for a scary evening.

If you're not into horror movies, try Halloween classics that aren't scary. Check out some of my favourites: Hocus Pocus (and Hocus Pocus 2), The Nightmare Before Christmas, The Addams Family and Coraline. If you want to enjoy Halloween movies with young children, I suggest watching the Halloweentown and Twitches movies. 

2. Throw a costume party

Throw a Halloween party a week or two before the actual day. An early party is a great way to get people excited about the holiday. Also, competition for guests' time won't be as intense if you pick an earlier day.

Halloween candle decor

3. Go to a haunted attraction

Haunted houses, hayrides, and spooky corn mazes are all perfect to get you in the Halloween spirit.

4. Go on ghost tours

A ghost tour is an organised event which allows participants to learn more about the haunted history of a particular location. You will learn about local legends, ghost stories, murders and mysteries.

5. Tell ghost stories

Best told over a bonfire and with a flashlight. If you can't make a huge bonfire, you can still join in on the fun. Fire pits are a perfect alternative.

6. Read a scary book

Autumn is the perfect time to curl up with a good book. Thrillers and ghost stories are good reads when you want to get spooked. Read this: Six (6) books that will get you in the mood for Halloween.

7. Carve pumpkins

Is it actually Halloween if you don't have pumpkins? Get a pumpkin and carve the perfect Jack-o-lantern. Roast the seeds inside and enjoy a classic fall treat.

8. Decorate your home

Classic Halloween decorations include ghosts, goblins, witches, cobwebs, skeletons and orange and purple lights. Don't forget to put your carved pumpkins on display.

9. Listen to spooky playlists

Listening to a spooky playlist while decorating the house or carving your pumpkins will surely get you in the Halloween spirit.

10. Light autumn-scented candles

Candles are perfect in practically every room; the entrance, kitchen, living room and bedroom. There's no such thing as too many! 

What are some fun traditions you do to get in the Halloween spirit? Leave a comment below!


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  1. Great tips. I can't wait for Halloween!

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