Ten (10) 2022 scary shows to binge-watch this Halloween season

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Halloween is just around the corner, and what better way to spend the spooky season than watching some horror TV shows? Even though horror movies have always been a Halloween staple this year, horror TV shows are very prominent.

In this post, I want to share some spooky series that are perfect to binge-watch during these gloomy autumn days. Though some shows are not my cup of tea, I still want to incorporate them into this list since many of you will surely enjoy them. 

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1. Shining Vale

A dysfunctional family moves from the city to a cursed house in a small town. Nobody appears to suspect anything strange except for Pat. But soon, the terrors haunting the house become real.

2. Let the Right One In

A 12-year-old girl who lives a closed-in life after turning into a vampire, only able to go out at night. Her father does his best to supply her with the human blood she needs to survive.

3. The Midnight Club 

The show follows a group of eight terminally ill patients who begin to gather at midnight to share scary stories and look for signs of the paranormal.

4. Devil in Ohio

A psychiatrist takes in a young patient who escaped a devil-worshipping cult, putting her family and life in danger. Authorities have long tried to investigate the cult but have been blocked by religious freedom issues and a protective county sheriff.

5. Interview with the Vampire

In 1910 New Orleans, Louis de Pointe du Lac forms a vampire family. Now, he lives in Dubai and aims to tell the story of his life or afterlife to prominent journalist Daniel Molloy.

6. Guillermo Del Torro’s Cabinet of Curiosities

A collection of wicked stories told by some of today's most esteemed horror creators. The series features eight unique horror stories that challenge the classical horror genre.

7. From

The residents of a small town struggle to find a way out when mysterious unknown forces keep them from departing. Untangle the mystery of a city in middle America that imprisons everyone who enters.

8. Alma (The Girl in the Mirror)

After losing her memory in a dreadful accident that kills most of her classmates, Alma attempts to unravel what happened that day and retrieve her identity.

9. Archive 81 

An archivist takes a job restoring damaged videotapes but finds themselves getting pulled into a mystery concerning the missing director and a mysterious cult they were documenting.

10. Feria: La luz más oscura (Feria: The Darkest Light)

Two sisters must face a new reality and supernatural elements. Their lives are turned upside-down when their parents become the primary suspects in a 23-victim cult-led murder-suicide.

I'm not too sure about Interview with the Vampire and Let the Right One In. Not because I don't enjoy vampire shows but because I'm not too fond of remakes. If you watched them, let me know whether or not I should watch them too. 


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  1. Hilda Fitzwilliam17 October 2022 at 10:56

    Shining Vale is a fun watch. I really enjoyed season 1.

  2. I'm really enjoying your Halloween posts.

    1. I'm so glad. Thanks for the nice comment Elise.

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