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Nails Of The Day (NOTD): My love diary 💅

Hello everyone! I haven't posted a  NOTD  in a while,  so today I want to share my current favourite nail polish with you.  I'm currently wearing  Essence's  (48)  my love diary .  I'm obsessed with this dusty rose colour and I think it's the perfect colour for this season.   Also,  I've been keeping my nails short because I believe they look better this way.  Don't you agree? Essence The Gel Nail Polish (48 )  my love diary Normally I use  Essence's The Gel Nail Polish Base Coat and  The Gel Nail Polish Top Coat , but today I used their  2 in 1 base & topcoat .  If you're interested , y ou can read my review of  Essence The Gel Nail Polish , here. What's your current favourite nail polish?  Share it in the comments section below! Have a great day! 

A healthier Halloween 🎃 🍭🍫🍬

Hello everyone!   A healthy Halloween ... Is such a thing even possible?  Absolutely!  Below are some ideas, tips and tricks for a healthier Halloween. If you or your children are going trick-or-treating, pay attention to the size of the trick-or-treat bag, and keep it small.  This means no pillowcases!  They can hold way too much candy. Before trick-or-treating, have a healthy meal.  If everyone is full, there will be less chance of eating along the way.  Children should always wait until they get home to eat any of their candy so that parents can inspect them first. When you’re buying candy to hand out to trick-or-treaters, eliminate temptation by buying candy you don’t like, and buy it at the last minute. Choose non-food items like the ones you’d find in a child’s birthday goodie bag; items like stickers, sidewalk chalk, small packs of crayons, noisemakers or costume jewellery. Walk, instead of driving the car from neighbourhood to neighbourhood. Halloween goodies