Doughnut (donut) for your hair?!

Have you ever wondered how to get this sophisticated hair bun?

I have always thought that this hairdo is really hard to do and could only be done by a professional hairstylist.  But there’s a very easy way to get this look.

The key to this hairstyle is a doughnut bun shaper.  It is not that expensive but if you want to, you can just make one yourself.

DIY doughnut bun shaper:

Things you’ll need...
long, thick wool sock
nylon sock (preferably one that is close to your hair colour)

  • Find a long wool sock and a nylon sock.  Cut the toe area from both socks.
  • Put the wool sock on your arm, cut side first.  Slowly roll it down from the toe to the elastic end.  This will create a doughnut shape.
  • Cover the wool sock with a tight nylon sock that matches your hair colour.  This will help the bun shaper blend in with your hair

And finally, you should get something like this.  Now the bun shaper is ready to use!

DIY doughnut hair bun:

Things you’ll need...
doughnut bun shaper
2 hair ties
bobby pins

  • Comb your hair and tie it in a ponytail.
  • Thread the ponytail through the hole of the doughnut.  

  • Lean forward and spread your hair evenly over the sock.  Make sure that your hair completely hides the sock.
  • Stretch a hair tie over your bun.  

  • Use bobby pins to secure the ends of your hair to the base of your bun.

  • Tuck your ends in or if they are long enough twist or braid them around the base.

You can be as creative as you like and add hair accessories, such as; flowers, bows or anything you like.

Hope you found this helpful!



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  1. I loved the idea! Thanks!!
    Brenda Marie

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