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2016 | My year in review

Hello everyone! It's the end of the year, and you know what that means –  it's time to look back  at the year that was 2016.   In today's post I want to talk about   my 2016 .    For me, this was a year characterised by change...     Twenty-sixteen  was the year in which I became a   vegan .  I've been on a "mostly vegan" diet all my life.  I've never liked meat, eggs or dairy, but I did occasionally eat chicken breast and egg fried rice.  Also, if you read my blog you know that I did use   honey   in my   DIY beauty recipes .  Now I do  not eat or use any animal products.  The reason why I am even mentioning my diet (and lifestyle) on this blog is   because my skin has changed significantly  since I altered my eating habits.   My   acne   went away completely, which is something I was hoping for.  But not only that, my acne   scaring   is also fading away, which took me complete by surprise.  I was not expecting this at all and I'm not su