Reverse hair washing

Hello everyone!

I've been reverse washing my hair for quite some time now, since co-washing was no longer working for me.  I believe I finally found the hair cleansing method that works best for my hair. 

What is reverse hair washing?

Simply put, it's washing your hair in reverse.  You apply your conditioner first, then your shampoo.  

If your hair is thin, oily and/or prone to product build-up, reverse washing may be the best hair cleansing method for you too.  Reverse washing means your hair still gets all the moisturising benefits of using conditioner but you're not left with that weighted, almost-greasy feeling.

My hair:

Let me tell you a bit about my hair.  I have medium length, naturally wavy hair that's oily at the roots and dryish at the ends. My hair is prone to "halo" frizz  and I also colour-treat it about once a month. You can see photos of my hair in previous posts HERE and HERE.

Reverse washing tips:
  1. Make sure that your hair is fully saturated with water before you apply your conditioner. This will help you distribute your conditioner evenly. 
  2. After you apply your conditioner, leave it in for a few minutes
  3. Don't rinse.  If you rinse your conditioner out and then apply shampoo, you'll end up with dry and tangled hair.  Here's what I do: after my conditioner has been in my hair for several minutes, I add a little bit of water to my scalp, to get my roots a bit more wet.  Then, I apply shampoo to my scalp only!  After I apply my shampoo, I lather and massage my scalp, then I rinse as usual.
My results:

My roots are less oily and my ends are well moisturised, even when I don't use a hair mask and before I even apply my leave-in products. Yay!

Do you reverse wash?  I would love to hear your experiences!  If you have any tips, leave them in the comment section below.

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  1. That's really a very nice tip.. Thank you for sharing.. :)

  2. Great tip. I have to try this.

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