Beach bag essentials

Hello everyone!  
Summer is finally here, and here in Malta this only means one thing; the beach.  Keep reading to uncover my beach bag essentials.   

The most important thing you have to keep in mind when going to the beach is, of course, sun protection
Note: According to the EWG (Environmental Working Group), the best sunscreen is clothing, because there are no chemicals for the skin to absorb! 
My check list: 
  • A floppy hat, to protect my head and my hair from the sun.
  • Sunglasses help keep the eyes shielded from the harmful sun rays and also keep me from squinting, which cause wrinkles.  Tip: Be sure to choose sunglasses that have UV protection.
  • Cover-up/Beach dress
  • Beach towel
  • Sun-blocks/sunscreens, for more information read Sunscreen 101!
  • Lip balm with sunscreen is important to keep lips from getting chapped.
  • A hair sunscreen product or a leave-in conditioner with  high UV filter.  Read Summer hair care for more information!
  • Wet wipes
  • Flip-flops - Tip: Choose shoes that you can get wet and rinse off easily.
  • Water bottle: It is very important to stay hydrated throughout the day. 
  • Baby Powder: For getting off stubborn sand.
  • Phone/Mp3 player: Everything is better with music!

Have fun and be safe!


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