DIY: Leave-in conditioner spray

Hello everyone!

Do you (or your kids) have unmanageable, tangled hair?  Do you use a leave-in conditioner or a detangler for your hair?  Well, you can make your own leave-in conditioner/detangler!  This is a simple and easy DIY and you can use what you already own.

How to make home-made leave-in conditioner spray:
  1. You will need a spray bottle and your conditioner.  Yes, your normal rinse-out hair conditioner. 
  2. Put approximately 2 tablespoons of conditioner into the spray bottle.  (I use a 300ml bottle; use less conditioner if you have a smaller bottle.)  
  3. Fill up the spray bottle with water leaving about 2cm of air at the top.
  4. Shake well and use just like you would any other leave-in conditioner.

Apply to the length of your hair (from your ears down) when hair is wet, or just at the ends on dry hair; this way you won’t end up with greasy hair.
Try it, it works like a charm! 


Photo from here.


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