How to thin out your nail polish

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Don't you hate it when you go to apply a nail polish, and it has gotten so thick that you are unable to apply it?  Instead of throwing the nail polish away, you can use nail polish thinner.  I couldn’t find nail polish thinner in stores or online (the sellers didn’t ship internationally), so I found an alternative: surgical spirit aka rubbing alcohol.


1.     Remove the cap from the nail polish, and add 3 or 4 drops of nail polish thinner/rubbing alcohol to the nail polish bottle.
2.     Screw the cap back on the nail polish bottle.
3.     Roll the bottle gently between the palms of your hands to blend the thinning agent with the polish.  Do not shake!
4.     Re-open the nail polish and test it.  If it flows loosely from the brush it's ready to use.  If it's still too thick, repeat steps 1, 2 and 3, then re-test the polish on your nail.


  • Store nail polish standing upright in a cool and dry place to keep the pigment from settling.
  • If the polish still isn't thin enough to use after adding 10 drops of thinner/alcohol, throw it out.
  • Do not use nail polish remover as a thinner.  Polish remover will ruin the nail polish.

This is not just a short term fix.  I thinned out my nail polishes with rubbing alcohol about a month ago and they are still as good as new!

Do you thin out your nail polishes?  Leave a comment and let me know.


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  1. Cool! I've never heard of a nial polish thinning liquid. Elle Fowler (allthatglitters21) said the you can do the same with nail polish remover in one of her quite recent videos, but I I doubted it would work because after all it is nail polish REMOVER. Thx, great blog

  2. @Anonymous Thanks, I'm glad you like my blog! Yes, acetone nail polish remover can be used for a quick fix but it will dull the colour over time.

  3. I wish I saw this sooner! I "thinned" some of mine out with acetone grrr

    Follow me, I will follow back<3

  4. What happens if you shake the polish after adding the rubbing alcohol?

    1. Lol, and I thought I was the only one who didn’t read ALL the directions..😂, as soon I saw the word “rubbing alcohol “. I was like “ooo...haven’t tried that yet..!” and off I went to go find some ..not to realize till I got done trying it out (shaking the heck out of the bottle ..go figure 🤷🏼‍♀️😂)and coming back to then read “DONT SHAKE “ the bottle ..🤦🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️

  5. @Gracy M. R.You should never shake your nail polish. Shaking it will create air bubbles.

  6. It works! Thanks for the tip.

  7. I think this would be the perfect place for my daughter to visit because she always love such things. can you provide me an update about any such up coming events thanks..

  8. Yeah, I made the mistake of putting polish remover in my silver polish, a week later, it had turned black

  9. I was not really sure if it was going to work but it did know if i have to thine out my nail polish i will definitely use rubbing alcohol. thank you so much

  10. I'm going to go ahead and try alcohol, rubbing kind,lol

  11. ☆IT WORKS!!☆IT WORKS!!☆ Thank you so much for your tip, it saved me from having goopy, never-drying, hot pink nail polish on my toes! LOL♡

  12. Other than rubbing alcohol (71%) can saline help thin it out also?

  13. I clearly didn't fully read the the instructions. Haha.... it says thinner/rubbing alcohol... my bad... I used pure saline drops that I use for my baby. It worked great!

  14. Some nail polish thinners dry out the cuticles so fast that it gives a malnourished look to the nail And some are needed to be used so much, that a new bottle gets completely exhausted with two or three applications. to solve this problem here are some best nail polish thinner

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