Tag post: This or that?

Hello everyone!

I love watching tags on YouTube, so today I decided to do the This or That tag post!  Read on to find out what I prefer at the moment.  

Blush or bronzer - Blush
Lip gloss or lipstick - Lip gloss
Eye liner or mascara - Mascara
Foundation or concealer - Foundation
Neutral or colour eye shadow - Neutral
Pressed or loose eye shadows - Pressed eye shadow
Brushes or sponges - Brushes

OPI or China Glaze - I haven't tried either
Long or short - Longish
Acrylic or natural - Natural
Bright or dark - Bright
Perfume or body splash
 - Perfume
Lotion or body butter - Lotion
Body wash or soap - Body wash
Lush or other bath company – The Body Shop
Jeans or sweat pants - Jeans
Long sleeve or short - Short
Dresses or skirts - Dresses
Stripes or plaid - Stripes
Flip flops or sandals - Sandals
Scarves or hats - Scarves
Studs or dangly earrings - Dangly earrings
Necklaces or bracelets - Necklaces
Heels or flats - I love heels!
Cowboy boots or riding boots – Riding boots (since I have to pick one)
Jacket or hoodie - Jacket

Curly or straight - Curly
Bun or ponytail - Bun
Bobby pins or butterfly clips - Bobby pins
Hair spray or gel - Hair spray
Long or short - Long (more versatile)
Light or dark - Dark
Side sweep bangs or full bangs – Side sweep bangs
Up or down - Up

Rain or shine - Shine 
Summer or winter - Winter
Fall or spring - Spring
Chocolate or vanilla - Chocolate 
East coast or west coast - West coast

That’s all for this tag.  
I tag everyone reading this Share your responses in the comments below.  I would love to know your answers.


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