So many nail shaping options!

Hello everyone!  Did you know that there are quite a few ways in which you can shape your nails? 

Choosing a nail shape:

When deciding on the shape you want your nails you should consider as few things: the shape of your hands, the length of your fingers, shape of your cuticle area, your hobbies and your work.  Here are some examples of different nail shapes.

Straight sided with a slightly oval tip 
For this shape allow the sides to grow straight and slightly round the tip.



The oval nail shape is an attractive and conservative shape for women's hands.  Oval-shaped nails make your nail beds appear longer; this makes them an ideal shape for short nails.

Square oval-shaped
Similar to the oval-shaped, but followed by squaring off the tip.

This is considered the classic nail shape.  This style is very feminine and makes the fingers appear thinner.

These are nails that are perfectly rounded towards the top.  They are perfect for those who use their hands a lot, have weak nails or just want to keep the nails short.  Round nails are the most common shape for men as well.

Square-shaped nails are completely straight across with no rounding at the edges.  They are perfect for medium and long nails.  

Squarely rounded /Squoval –shaped

The squoval nail shape is not quite oval, not quite square.  Shape your nails in the form of a square, and only curve the corners to give it a rounded look.  This is also very flattering on long nails.

These are nails that are shaped pointed at the top.  The pointed nail shape looks good on thin hands with narrow nail beds.  However, nails shaped in this way are definitely not practical for day-to-day activities.  If you want this look I suggest you get nail extensions.

Stay away from metal nail files; use a soft, straight file instead.  Do not file from side to side.  Make sure to file from corner to centre in one direction.

Remember, your nails are the most beautiful part of your hands and you can style them any way you like.  
So, tell me which shape do you prefer?  My favourite is the squoval!


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  1. I always try to make mine squoval! I love them that way, but the stiletto style looks a bit dangerous!

  2. @Teacups and Treats I love squoval too. I would rather wear stiletto heels than stiletto nails! ;)

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