My mini makeover!

Hello everyone! How is your weekend going?

I was bored with my locks (again) so I decided it was time for a hairstyle chance.  I just found a hair colour I love (after changing my hair colour every 4/6 weeks for the past year or so) and I want to keep the length for the Spring/Summer season.  I still trim my hair every 4/6 weeks though.  So, I opted for side swept bangs!

Cutting some bangs is one of the easiest ways to transform your hairstyle!  Side swept bangs are very versatile and look great on all face shapes and with various hair textures. Bangs are a perfect way to add interest to longer hair.  Side swept bangs are also a great way to test out having bangs if you cut them long.  This way, they can be blended into your hair easily if you end up not liking them.  

My new bangs/fringe:

How do you feel about bangs?  Let me know!



I'm a vegan with a passion for sustainability and clean, cruelty-free products. I mainly write lifestyle, wellness and self-care articles. Since I'm a true crime enthusiast, sometimes I also write about true crime and post videos on my two YouTube channels.


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