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Sunday, September 18, 2022

The importance of self-care | 12th blogiversary

September 18, 2022 4 Comments

Hello everyone, I'm back!!

Finally, summer is almost over; I can't wait for the cooler weather to hit the island. Additionally, I am very much looking forward to the spooky season

These past few months have been very challenging for me. For personal reasons, I have been away from social media for quite some time and haven't written a blog post in a while. But today, I looked at the date and realised that this day marks twelve (12) years since my first blog post. I figured that, today was the perfect day for me to get back into blogging. 

More than ever before, I realised the importance of self-care. Self-care includes anything you do to keep yourself healthy; physically, mentally and spiritually. Self-care activities can range from physical activities such as; exercising and drinking more water, to mental activities such as; reading a book or listening to music. Self-care can also include spiritual or social activities such as praying or talking to a friend. The most important thing to remember about self-care is that it is about listening to what your mind and body need. Self-care is a way to look out for yourself so that you feel better and have a chance to recharge. Self-care can look different for everyone, and that's okay. Because your needs change as your life changes, how you practice it will change over time, too.

Here are 20 ideas to kickstart your self-care routine:

More self love text in pink frame

  1. Light a candle
  2. Drink a warm cup of tea 
  3. Journal 
  4. Do a digital detox
  5. Go for a long walk 
  6. Cook or order in your favourite meal
  7. Cuddle with a pet
  8. Unfollow toxic people on social media 
  9. Play a videogame
  10. Listen to a podcast or audiobook
  11. Try a new face mask
  12. Take a relaxing bath or shower
  13. Spend quality time with friends or family
  14. Turn on a diffuser with essential oils
  15. Watch the sunset
  16. Watch your favourite movie or show
  17. Put on an outfit that makes you feel good
  18. Try out an adult colouring book
  19. Do something creative (painting, writing, drawing, etc.)
  20. Take a break from the news

Self-care is something we all need to practice; it isn't selfish or superficial.

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What are your favourite self-care activities? Let me know in the comment section below.

Talk to you soon!

Saturday, September 18, 2021

Happy 11th blogiversary, Cosette's Beauty Pantry!

September 18, 2021 0 Comments

Dear readers, Cosette's Beauty Pantry is eleven (11) today!

Yes, I published my first blog post 11 years or 4018 days ago. I wanted to take the opportunity to mark the occasion of the blog’s 11th anniversary. Eleven is a lot of years to be writing a blog. 

number 11 balloons

Eleven years ago...

  1. I was 25 years old.
  2. I started blogging because I wanted to help other people who were dealing with acne and adult acne.
  3. I loved experimenting with DIY beauty recipes.
  4. Initially, the blog was named Skin Care Suggestions.
  5. The main focus of the blog was skincare.
  6. I used to write under the screen name Euphrasie85. It was common practice back then.  
  7. Social media was not really a thing.
  8. Many people close to me did not understand what I was doing; or why I was doing it.
  9. At first, I used my phone to take pictures for the blog.  Back then, cameras phones were nowhere near as good as they are today.
  10. I was not yet a vegan.
  11. I had not fully embraced my wavey/curly hair.


  • The 18th of September, 2010 was a Saturday, just like today.
  • The number one pop song was Teenage Dream by Katy Perry.
  • The number one R&B song was Deuces by Chris Brown, featuring Tyga & Kevin McCall.
  • Cosette's Beauty Pantry is older than Mike & Molly, which premiered in the U.S. on the 20th of September, 2010 and Downton Abbey, which premiered in the U.K. on the 26th of September of the same year.

HAPPY birthday candles

I  do hope that you enjoy reading this blog as much as I enjoy writing it.
Thank you all for reading along, commenting and sharing my posts on social media.

Monday, September 28, 2020

I missed my 10th blog anniversary | Top 10 posts from 10 years of blogging

September 28, 2020 1 Comments

Hello everyone!

Guess what!?  With everything that is going on in the world right now, I missed my own ten (10) year blogiversary!  On Friday the 18th of September, Cosette's Beauty Pantry turned 10 years old!  I can hardly believe that it’s been this long!  
I wrote my very first blog post a little over a decade ago!

I just realised that by the time I press "publish", it will be the 28th; i.e. I'm posting this 10 days after the 10th blogiversary!  It must be a sign...

To "celebrate" this milestone, I want to share the top 10 posts from 10 years of blogging:

  1. How to thin out your nail polish
  2. Misconceptions about ear piercings
  3. Overnight spot treatment: Calamine lotion
  4. A guide to make-up brushes: Which ones to use and when
  5. Reverse hair washing
  6. DIY: Micro-dermabrasion paste
  7. Quiz: What's your face shape?
  8. Fruit Acid 15% Gel Peel Review
  9. DIY: Honey and cinnamon facial mask/spot treatment
  10. Sugaring vs. Waxing


I want to thank all of you who visit, read, comment and share!

To those of you who have been with me since the Skincare Suggestions days, I say thank you for your support.  To those who’ve discovered the blog more recently, I say thank you for jumping on board.  And, if you’re new here, welcome!

If you have any suggestions, ideas, feedback or inquiries, don't hesitate to contact me!  

Here’s to another 10 years!

Monday, September 19, 2016

Six year blogiversary

September 19, 2016 0 Comments
Hello everyone!

Guess what!?  Yesterday Cosette's Beauty Pantry celebrated its 6 year blogiversary!  I can hardly believe that it’s been six whole years! I published my very first post on September 18th, 2010.  

Check out the top 5 most viewed posts since last year's blogiversary:

  1. Acne update | DIY: Honey and Aloe vera mask
  2. Reverse hair washing
  3. Six beauty trends to ditch in 2016
  4. 💄Blog makeover 💅
  5. DIY: Micro-dermabrasion paste

A big THANKS to all of you who visit, read, comment and share!  If you have any suggestions, ideas, feedback or inquiries, don't hesitate to contact me!  

Friday, September 18, 2015

Five year blogiversary | Thanks

September 18, 2015 0 Comments

Hello everyone!

Today marks my 5th blogiversary – aka, my blog anniversary!

Cosette's Beauty Pantry (previously known as Skin Care Suggestions) turns five.  I can’t quite believe it has been so long.  I wrote my very first blog post on September 18th 2010!  In that post I introduced myself and wrote about "the purpose of this blog". 

Read my 1st post here

Here are a few of my top viewed posts over the last 5 years :

A big THANKS to all of you who visit, read, comment and share – it’s mostly because of you that I have stuck with it over the years.

Monday, September 01, 2014

Hello September! (blogiversary month)

September 01, 2014 0 Comments

Hello everyone!

This summer I took a break from blogging and social media and focused more on myself.  I got back in the habit of hooping daily for an hour - I LOVE IT!

I want to let you know that now that August is gone and summer is nearly over I will be posting regular.  September is also my blogiversary month.  I wrote my very first blog post on September 18th 2010!

How did you spend your summer?