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The importance of self-care | 12th blogiversary

Hello everyone, I'm back!! Finally, summer is almost over; I can't wait for the cooler weather to hit the island. Additionally, I am very much looking forward to  the spooky season .  These past few months have been very challenging for me. For personal reasons, I have been away from social media for quite some time and haven't written a blog post in a while. But today, I looked at the date and realised that this day marks  twelve (12) years since my first blog post . I figured that, today was the perfect day for me to get back into blogging.  More than ever before, I realised the importance of self-care.  Self-care includes anything you do to keep yourself healthy; physically, mentally and spiritually.  Self-care activities can range from physical activities such as; exercising and drinking more water, to mental activities such as; reading a book or listening to music. Self-care can also include spiritual or social activities such as praying or talking to a friend. The mos

Happy 11th blogiversary, Cosette's Beauty Pantry!

Dear readers, Cosette's Beauty Pantry is eleven (11) today! Yes, I published my first blog post 11 years or 4018 days ago.  I wanted to take the opportunity to mark the occasion of the blog’s 11th anniversary. Eleven is a lot of years to be writing a blog.  Eleven years ago... I was 25 years old. I started blogging because I wanted to help other people who were dealing with acne and adult acne. I loved experimenting with DIY beauty recipes. Initially, the blog was named  Skin Care Suggestions . The main focus of the blog was skincare. I used to write under the screen name Euphrasie85. It was common practice back then.   Social media was not really a thing . Many people close to me did not understand what I was doing; or why I was doing it. At first, I used my phone to take pictures for the blog.  Back then, cameras phones were nowhere near as good as they are today. I was not yet a vegan. I had not fully embraced my wavey/curly hair. Trivia: The 18th of September, 2010 was a Satur

I missed my 10th blog anniversary | Top 10 posts from 10 years of blogging

Hello everyone! Guess what!?  With everything that is going on in the world right now, I missed my own ten (10) year blogiversary!   On Friday the 18 th of September,  Cosette's Beauty Pantry  turned  10 years old!   I can hardly believe that it’s been this long!   I wrote  my very first blog post  a little over a decade ago! I just realised that by the time I press "publish", it will be the 28th; i.e. I'm posting this 10 days after the 10th blogiversary!  It must be a sign... To "celebrate" this milestone, I want to share the top 10 posts from 10 years of blogging: How to thin out your nail polish Misconceptions about ear piercings Overnight spot treatment: Calamine lotion A guide to make-up brushes: Which ones to use and when Reverse hair washing DIY: Micro-dermabrasion paste Quiz: What's your face shape? Fruit Acid 15% Gel Peel Review DIY: Honey and cinnamon facial mask/spot treatment Sugaring vs. Waxing   I want to th

Six year blogiversary

Hello everyone! Guess  what!?  Yesterday  Cosette's Beauty Pantry  celebrated its  6 year blogiversary!   I can hardly believe that it’s been six whole years! I  published my very first post on  September 18th, 2010 .   Check out the top 5 most viewed posts since  last year's blogiversary : Acne update | DIY: Honey and Aloe vera mask Reverse hair washing Six beauty trends to ditch in 2016 💄Blog makeover 💅 DIY: Micro-dermabrasion paste A big  THANKS  to all of you who visit, read, comment and share!   If you have any suggestions, ideas, feedback or inquiries, don't hesitate to contact me!   

Five year blogiversary | Thanks

Hello everyone! Today marks my 5th blogiversary – aka, my blog anniversary ! Cosette's Beauty Pantry (previously known as Skin Care Suggestions ) turns five.  I can’t quite believe it has been so long.     I wrote my very first blog post on September 18th 2010!  In that post I introduced myself and wrote about "the  purpose  of this blog".   Read my 1st post here !  Here are a few of my top viewed posts over the last 5 years : Shaving tips DIY: Honey and cinnamon facial mask/spot treatment How to thin out your nail polish Which beauty oil is best for your skin? Natural pre-dye hair treatment Vegetable glycerin for glowing skin! Adult acne and hormonal imbalances A big  THANKS  to all of you who visit, read, comment and share – it’s mostly because of you that I have stuck with it over the years .

Hello September! (blogiversary month)

Hello everyone! This summer I took a break from blogging and social media and focused more on myself .  I got back in the habit of hooping daily for an hour - I LOVE IT! #hoopnotica I want to let you know that n ow that  August is gone and summer is nearly over  I will be posting regular.   September is also my  blogiversary month.  I wrote my very first blog post on September 18th 2010 ! How did you spend your summer?