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How to prevent chapped lips caused by wearing face masks 😷

Hello everyone! The pandemic is still with us and, mandatory mask orders are still in effect in various countries. This means that millions of people are, potentially, suffering from skin problems caused by face masks. Related post:  Prevent (and treat) skin problems caused by face masks As we are covering up our mouths and noses to stop the spread of  Covid-19 , some of us are encountering new skin problems. We've all heard of “maskne” (mask-related acne).  Masks are important, but unfortunately, wearing them can cause a range of skin conditions. Wearing a face mask for long hours can cause dry, cracked, chapped lips that come about due to the environment inside. Like many things in life, if you can prevent your lips from getting chapped in the first place, you won’t have to suffer through the recovery process. Here are some tips to help prevent dry lips: Exfoliate your lips  with a soft toothbrush or a sugar scrub. Apply a lip mask   after exfoliating. Try an overnight lip mask

Six (6) reasons to keep your nails short

Hello everyone! Long nails are perceived by many as being classy and stylish.  However, long nails may not be worth the looks. Below are six (6) reasons to opt for short nails instead of long ones. 1.  Practical Short nails give you the freedom to do all the things that you love without restrictions - you can easily do your chores, pull your zipper, buckle shoes, play with your pet or young children and wear contact lenses.  People with long nails know the pain of trying to do the simplest, everyday tasks.  Typing on a keyboard, opening containers, and even fiddling with buttons can prove to be difficult with long fingernails in the way.  2.  Fuss-free The last thing you need on your worry list is the possibility of breaking a nail.  Keeping long nails also pose a health hazard to you and the people around you.  Constantly poking yourself in the eye -  not fun! 3.  Hygienic Health and hygiene go hand in hand.  Fingernails can harbour dirt and germs, leading to the spread of infections.

How to beat your fear of flying & COVID-related travel anxiety

Hello everyone! Travel stress and anxiety is nothing new but nowadays we’re not just talking about fear of flying or  losing your passport .  As many people are travelling again, we’re facing a sort of new wave of travel anxiety triggered by COVID-19 . With pandemic restrictions easing up and vaccinated people eager to take a long-awaited vacation, a lot more people are travelling around this time.  However, many people are still reluctant to book a flight. Fear of flying ( aerophobia ) can be caused by several factors, including claustrophobia or a fear of heights.  Many nervous flyers feel irrational anxiety that their plane will malfunction and crash .  Other travellers worry about terrorist hijackings or panic at the idea that they’re not in control of the plane. To fly or not to fly is a personal decision and one that no one else can make for you.  But for those of you who are determined to go on holiday (vacation), below are a few tips for overcoming your travel anxiety.   Fig

My Sculptshe picks

Hello everyone! Today’s post is another fashion related post.     We all know the confidence that the perfect outfit can give us, however, the underwear and/or shapewear that is worn underneath, is even more important to make us look and feel our best.   Shapewear  is basically underwear that is designed to temporarily alter the shape of your body, typically to flatten the stomach and make you look slimmer in the outfit you're wearing on top of it.   I was recently introduced to Sculptshe - a brand that mainly focuses on women’s shapewear, bodysuits, waist trainers and activewear; garments that are break-through in their design, manufacturing techniques and materials. One of the many consequences of the Covid-19 pandemic, and the many lockdowns, is the fact that many of us have gained some weight; mainly due to stress-eating and watching too much Netflix (lack of physical activity).   Luckily, on Sculptshe ’s website, you can find various waist and thigh trainers to enhance

Finding a silver lining in Covid-19

  A  silver lining  is a sign of hope or a positive aspect in an otherwise negative situation.  Hello everyone! Since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, I spent most of my time at home.  I work from home and I shop online so I rarely go outside anymore.  This is even more true now that more pandemic restrictions are in place and everything is closed down once again.  I spent most of winter "hibernating"; meaning I pretty much binge watched tv shows and true crime videos all day long.  And this explains why I haven't written a blog post in a while.  However, now that spring is finally here (although spring weather still has to make an appearance), I cannot wait to get out of the house.   I'm fully aware that we are all currently living in odd and unsettling times, but it is so important that we take this rare opportunity and try to focus on the positive aspects.  Whenever possible at least.  Here are my silver linings: Spending more time with my family and Rascal

Prevent (and treat) skin problems caused by face masks

Hello everyone! Wearing a mask to help protect against Covid-19 is a must.  By now we are all accustomed to wearing a face mask every time we step outside or whenever someone visits out household.  But wearing a mask can sometimes be a pain; literally. Many have reported adverse skin reactions after wearing masks daily; the most common conditions include acne, facial itch and rash.  If you find that wearing a face mask is causing a skin problem or irritation, you may be able to treat it yourself.  Here’s what you can do to treat skin problems caused by face masks at home. 1. Follow a gentle skincare routine.   Skincare plays a vital role in healing your skin.  2. Treat your skin.    Here’s what dermatologists recommend: Acne:  Wash your face after wearing a mask, being sure to use a non-comedogenic moisturiser after washing.   Raw, irritated skin:  Apply petroleum jelly or a diaper rash cream  to irritated spots on your face before bed.   Sore skin behi

FOTD: Do you wear makeup under your face masks?

Hello everyone! Due to the current Covid-19 pandemic situation, I haven't been wearing makeup; in fact, the last time I can remember putting on makeup was months ago!  I was never the type of person to wear makeup every day but since I've been staying home most of the time and I'm not attending any social events, I found myself missing wearing makeup and feeling more put together.  Whenever I need to go out I'm wearing a face mask and sunglasses or a face shield (aka visor) anyway.  Dermatologists advise that we skip wearing makeup under our face masks.   Beneath a mask, makeup is more likely to clog pores and lead to breakouts.  If makeup is necessary, use only products labelled “non-comedogenic” or “oil-free”.  I have acne-prone skin so for me that means  face mask  + makeup = breakouts - No thanks! So yesterday I decided to put on some makeup and take some photos for upcoming blog posts.  If you look closely you can spot this makeup in my previous post an