Do you know the signs of an unhealthy gut?

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If you have an unhealthy gut then you may notice a few symptoms. If you aren’t sure what symptoms to look for, however, then you may be suffering without even realising it. If you want to take a positive step today, it’s time to learn about the signs of an unhealthy gut.


Upset stomach


Stomach issues can be a major sign that your gut isn’t as healthy as it could be. You may experience a lot of gas, bloating and even constipation. Heartburn is also very common. A balanced gut doesn’t have a problem in processing food, and it is also able to eliminate waste much more efficiently. This can lead to you experiencing fewer symptoms. If you want to do something about your unhealthy gut then why not take Xymogen vitamins? This is a great way for you to boost your health.

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 A high-sugar diet


A diet that is high in processed food can lead to you experiencing inflammation across your entire body. Inflammation can easily be the precursor to a lot of different diseases and conditions. This happens to include cancer. If you want to protect yourself, then one thing you can do is try to limit the amount of sugar you consume. 


Unintentional weight loss or gain


If you are experiencing weight gain, or if you are losing weight without meaning to, then this can indicate that your gut isn’t as healthy as it could be. An unbalanced gut may stop your body from being able to absorb the nutrients it needs while preventing you from regulating your blood sugar. If this is the case it’s worth visiting the doctor, as you may have insulin resistance or inflammation. This may require treatment, so don’t delay it. 


Constant fatigue


Some level of fatigue is normal if you have had a busy week. With that in mind, if you have constant fatigue then this can lead to you having a poor metabolic function. You may also find that your mental health takes a dive as well. This is the last thing you need, so it’s crucial that you keep an eye on this and that you take note of any changes that might be happening in your life. 


Skin irritation


Skin conditions, such as psoriasis, can be related to the bacteria that are present in the gut. If you have less beneficial bacteria in your gut, then this can impact your immune system, which can make it harder for you to fight off infections. If you want to help yourself here, then one thing you can do is try and take some supplements while making sure that you have a healthy diet. If you want to benefit your gut, then one thing you can do is try and take a probiotic drink. By drinking something like this every day, you can keep your body topped up with all the right nutrients, which is a great way for you to get the results you want out of your health and immune system.



In conclusion, taking supplements and incorporating a probiotic into your daily routine can greatly support your immune system and overall health. By providing your body with essential nutrients, you can strengthen your defences against infections and promote a healthier gut. Remember to consult with a healthcare professional before starting any new supplement regimen. 


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