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Choosing the right dog is vital for your enjoyment and lifestyle. Even the gender of your dog means your life with it will be different. And some breeds are better around children. But don’t worry; here is a quick guide to helping you find your lifelong new furry friend.

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The dog’s exercise needs
One of the most challenging things for some dog owners is the dog's exercise needs. Some dogs require very little, while others require a great deal. If you have health or mobility limitations, an active breed is not for you. Of course, a Chocolate Lab, see more information here in this guide, will get you out more and can actually help improve your health. But if you can’t walk a dog as much as it needs, a toy breed or smaller dog is a better choice.

Choosing the right dog and gender

Just like people, male and female dogs are different. The attitude of a female dog can differ somewhat from a male and determines their territorial attributes. The gender of a dog can also affect the size, as male dogs tend to be bigger and stronger. Female dogs are more independent than males and sometimes can take themselves away from you to be alone. While male dogs will stick by your side a lot more. Try to keep this in mind when choosing your dog.

The size of the dog

As mentioned, male dogs are larger, so naturally, a female dog might be a better option if this is an issue. However, the breed of the dog also determines the size. Larger dogs require a lot more exercise and can be off-putting to guests. This can also be a nightmare if you need someone to look after it. But everyone loves a tiny dog that is great with kids and is generally no trouble. However, toy and miniature breeds often require specialist care.

Grooming requirements

Some dogs need a lot of grooming, while others only require odd nail trimming. Some breeds, like Poodles, need hours of grooming care each week to avoid health issues. Short-haired and often lean dogs tend to need less grooming, such as Greyhounds. And, of course, grooming can also become expensive if you must pay others to do it. So, depending on your dog's breed, you could be looking at hefty monthly expenses.

The characteristics of the breed

If you have even been around dogs, you know they are all different. Dogs have unique personalities like people, but the breed also has common traits you need to consider. Depending on the breed, the dog might have more or less of the following:

  • Needing an active lifestyle such as long walks and playing, such as with Dalmations.
  • A higher or lower IQ, such as Poodles and Afghan Hounds, respectively.
  • Some breeds are far more territorial than others, and some dogs are calmer.
  • Some are more susceptible to severe health issues, such as Cocker Spaniels.
  • Some dog breeds love to play; this makes them great with kids.
  • Dogs are social, like humans, and some breeds will become lonely if solo.
  • Even the breed can determine how much a dog will bark at things day and night.

It is recommended that you carefully research your dog’s breed before getting one to find the one that will fit best into your lifestyle. A dog that needs a lot of attention is better if you work from home, for example. And an active dog is great if you enjoy long walks outside all the time.

Should you get a puppy?

Whether you should get a puppy or not is a personal choice. A puppy is easier to train and will learn all about you from the start. However, puppies are essentially babies, and they need a lot of love, care, and attention to raise correctly, especially for house training. There is also a financial burden on puppies too. Just buying a puppy can range from hundreds to thousands. And then, you have to provide necessary medical care such as vaccinations and health checks.

Getting a rescue dog

Puppies are great, but there are a lot of dogs out there that need just as much love. Rescue dogs are a great way to give an abandoned dog a new life. In the UK alone, over 250,000 dogs go to rescue centres each year. And a large percentage of these are put down because centres don’t have the resources to continue looking after them. But unless a rescue dog has severe issues, such as being raised to fight and being aggressive, you can give them a new home.

Kids and choosing the right dog

Dogs are always a concern for children. How a dog is raised can directly dictate how it interacts with people, and most dogs are very safe for kids. However, you must remember that a dog is an animal, and even loving family pets have been known to become aggressive. Some breeds are well-known for being better with kids because of their naturally gentle temperament. These include Golden Retrievers, Labradors, and Beagles.

Dog hair and moulting

This may not seem like a consideration, but some dogs moult far more than others. And this means you groom them more often and clean up after them. This can take up considerable time and money if expert care is required. And then there is the issue of dander and allergies. Dogs that moult, such as Daschunds, German Shepherds, and Huskies, leave hairs everywhere. This can aggravate conditions like asthma, so they aren’t appropriate if you suffer from it.


Some dogs need a lot of exercise, others have grooming requirements, and some will moult all over your home. These are some of the things you need to consider when choosing a dog. Think about the care you can offer considering both of your lifestyle needs.

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