How to have a safe Halloween

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Happy Halloween! Halloween is a fun-filled time for kids and adults. These safety tips for parents, children and homeowners will help keep everyone safe this Halloween night.

For parents:

  • Make or buy costumes in light-coloured material that is easy to see at night. 
  • Place strips of reflective tape on the back and front of costumes and the trick-or-treat bag, so drivers can better see your child.
  • Only buy costumes labelled flame-retardant. If you make your costume, use nylon or polyester materials, which are flame-retardant.
  • Put your child’s name, address and phone number on their costume.
  • Costumes and shoes should fit properly to prevent trips and falls.
  • Make sure wigs and beards don't cover your kids' eyes, noses, or mouths.
  • Masks make it hard for children to see what’s around them, including cars. Try hypoallergenic, non-toxic makeup instead.
  • Don't use coloured or decorative contact lenses.
  • Make sure that any props your kids carry, such as wands or swords, are short and flexible.

Halloween skeletons

Children under ten should be accompanied by an adult for trick or treating. By the age of ten, some children are ready to go trick-or-treating with a group of friends. 

Trick-or-treaters under age ten (10) should:

  • Always go trick-or-treating with an adult.
  • Know how to call 112 (or the emergency number of your area) in case they get lost.
  • Know their home phone number or your cellphone number. 

Older kids who go out on their own should:

  • Know their planned route and when they'll be coming home.
  • Carry a mobile phone.
  • Go in a group of at least three people and stay together.
  • Only go to houses with porch lights on.
  • Stay away from candles and other flames.
  • Know to never go into strangers' homes.
  • Not eat any treats until they get home.

trak-or-treat sign

For all trick-or-treaters:

According to Safe Kids Worldwide, the risk of kids being hit by a car is higher on Halloween than on any other day of the year. 

So, follow these tips:

  • Walk on sidewalks on lit streets.
  • Do not run from house to house.
  • Always walk facing traffic when walking on roads.
  • Cross the street at crosswalks and never assume that vehicles will stop.
  • Give kids flashlights with fresh batteries. Kids may also wear glow sticks as bracelets or necklaces.

When kids get home:
  • Help them check all treats to make sure they're sealed. 
  • Don't let young children have hard candy or gum that can pose a choking risk.
  • As you check what your kids brought home, keep track of how much candy they got and store it.
  • Remove makeup before bedtime to prevent possible skin and eye irritation.

For homeowners:

Make sure trick-or-treaters are safe when visiting your home too.

  • Turn on outdoor lights.
  • Remove items from your yard or porch that might trip a child.
  • Clean wet leaves from your steps and driveway.
  • Use an alternative to candles in your pumpkins.
  • Some children have food allergies. Consider giving treats other than candy, such as stickers, glow sticks or a small toy.
  • Put out a teal-coloured pumpkin (teal being the colour of food allergy awareness) to let children with food allergies know that you're handing out allergen-free goodies.
  • Keep family pets away from trick-or-treaters, even if they seem innocuous to you.

teal Halloween basket full of treats

Alternatives to traditional trick-or-treating

  • Halloween candy hunt
  • Costume party
  • Outdoor Halloween scavenger hunt
  • Halloween dance off
  • Halloween night at home with themed games and movies. 

Have a fun spooky night!


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