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The best earrings for your face shape

Hello everyone! Knowing your face shape can be helpful when choosing your hairstyle, makeup, eyebrow shape, glasses and even earring style. A long time ago, I shared a quiz to help you determine which  face shape  you have. In previous posts, I talked about  the best eyebrows for your face shape   and  the best sunglasses for your face shape . Today, I want to share some tips on how to choose the  best earring  that will flatter and define your features. It is important to choose earrings that complement your natural beauty rather than choosing ones that are 'in style'.  A simple trick is to pick the earrings that are opposite to your face shape.  Keep reading to see what I mean by this. Round face Drop earrings and long dangles look stunning on you, as long earrings will help to elongate your face. Earrings with a sleek and long build are your best choice. Square face Round earrings, such are hoops, are your best choice. Earrings with rounded edges are a great choice because t

DIY: All-natural study aid

Hello everyone! Since this is back to school week for many Maltese students, today I want to share a  DIY essential oil blend  recipe that  helps support focus and concentration . This  study aid blend  can be used at school, at home, as well as at work. If you use  essential oils , chances are you are familiar with essential oil blends in a roll-on bottle. Roll-on bottles are meant to make the topical application of essential oils easier. Since the oils are already diluted, all you have to do is rub the rollerball along your skin.  This is the recipe for an all-natural study aid - Ingredients: 15 drops  lavender  essential oil 15 drops  vetiver  essential oil 15 drops  cedarwood  essential oil a tablespoon of carrier oil (such as coconut oil, almond oil, or avocado oil) a roll-on bottle Always make sure to dilute essential oils in a carrier oil before applying them to your skin. Method: Add essential oils to the roll-on bottle. Fill the rest of the bottle with a carrier oil. Add roll

Weekly recap 20 - 26 September

Hello everyone!  Another week has gone by so quickly. Summer is over, and the days are getting shorter... I love autumn! Summers here in Malta are way too hot. I'm glad it's finally over.  Anyway, as I told you last Sunday: here's your  weekly recap . Start the week off right by reading this post, in case you missed any during the week.  September 20, 2021 -  How to style uneven earlobe piercings September 22, 2021 -  First day of autumn | Post-summer DIY recipes September 24, 2021 -  Cruelty-free ingredient swaps for DIY beauty recipes If you don't want to miss a post,  subscribe  to get every new post delivered to your inbox. Thanks for reading, and come back tomorrow for a new post! I post an article three (3) times a week, on  Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. 

Cruelty-free ingredient swaps for DIY beauty recipes

Hello everyone! As a vegan who loves cooking, I've become an  expert  in recipe conversions and vegan substitutions. When I started this blog, I was not a vegan yet. Some of my  earlier DIYs  contain non-vegan ingredients: namely milk, yoghurt, egg and honey. In today's post, I will show you vegan alternatives to these ingredients. Keep scrolling... If you are vegan, allergic, or don't want to use those ingredients for whatever reason: these substitutes will serve as a great alternative in any DIY beauty recipe! Honey  →   Pure maple syrup Honey   is a common ingredient in DIY beauty recipes due to its renowned health benefits.  Pure maple syrup  contains several vitamins and minerals as well. It is also full of antioxidants and has anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties, just like honey. Recipe -  DIY: Honey and Aloe vera mask Cow milk  →  Soy milk  Just like cow milk,  soy milk  is a source of protein, calcium, minerals and nutrients. Recipe -  DIY: Milk and hone

First day of autumn | Post-summer DIY recipes

Hello everyone! Since today marks the official first day of autumn (fall), I have a special treat for all you DIY beauty lovers . I want to share two new DIY beauty recipes; one for your skin and another for your hair.  All the time spent soaking up rays has undoubtedly affected your skin and hair.  With the help of a few ingredients already in your kitchen, these DIY masks will give you a much-needed boost. Keep scrolling for two (2) DIYs, guaranteed to nurture skin and hair.  Nourishing hair mask I have already posted a  DIY banana hair mask  and a  DIY avocado hair mask  on this blog. I also published a  vegan alternative ! Since post-summer, and post-sun exposure, hair can be especially dry, combining the two for  extra nourishment  is ideal! Ingredients: 1/2 ripe avocado 1 ripe banana (1/2 for short hair) 2 tablespoons  pure coconut/almond/olive oil   (whichever you prefer) Method: Peel the avocado and the banana.      Blend or mix together until it turns creamy. Add the coconu

How to style uneven earlobe piercings

Hello everyone! As you can see from the current most popular posts in the sidebar, piercing-related articles are well-liked on this blog. Today I want to talk to you about an unfortunate situation; that sadly is not that uncommon! Uneven piercings occur   when one ear is pierced slightly higher or off to one side from the other. When this happens, the only way to correct the problem is to have one of your lobes re-pierced to match the other. First, the earrings must be removed, and the piercing must close before you can pierce it again. Healing generally takes six to eight weeks. If a person only has one set of earlobe piercings , the best thing to do is getting one or both ears re-pierced. However, if the unevenness happens with a second or third set of lobe piercings , there can be other options. If getting them re-pierced isn't an option for you, and you do not want any more piercings , your best option is mixing and matching your earrings. Having different shapes and sizes a