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Femme Luxe | Tie-dye and loungewear outfit inspiration

Hello everyone! Today’s post is another summer outfit aspiration post; a fashion haul from one of my favourite online stores: Femme Luxe .   I love shopping at Femme Luxe because they have the latest trends at the best prices and the clothing quality is very good; what you see in the pictures on the website is what you get!   And now without further ado, let me show you the items I got… Grey Cuffed Pocket Detail Joggers - Teddy The first item I got is a pair of grey joggers .   You can never have too many joggers and comfy pants in your wardrobe, am I right?   These joggers or sweatpants feature a cuffed leg with pocket detail and a slim fit.   They are very comfy and I love the slim fit!   Lilac Tie-Dye Oversized T-Shirt - Veda As I mentioned in my  previous outfit inspiration post , you can find plenty of tie-dye outfits on the  Femme Luxe  website, so I had to get a couple of items more!  I love my pink oversized t-shirt so much

Essential oils to add to your shampoo

Hello everyone! Today I want to share another easy way to use essential oils  – adding essential oils to your shampoo !  Making your hair healthy and stronger couldn’t get any easier.   It doesn’t really matter what shampoo you use, you too can experience the benefits of adding essential oils to your hair routine! Essential oils are packed with amazing antioxidants and other compounds that are healing, restorative and stimulating.   Nevertheless ; trying to incorporate essential oils into your life,  can be overwhelming .  Many of you just don’t have the time, am I right?  Well, with this simple technique, you can enjoy the benefits of essential oils for your hair, without a hassle! Here are some of the ways essential oils can help your hair: Stimulate growth Strengthen  follicles Eliminate dandruff Prevent premature greying Fight scalp acne Oil control Moisturise dry hair Reduce hair fall Repair damage Kill lice Fight fungal infections  How

DIY: Essential oil air freshener spray

Hello everyone! It’s been a while since I last talked about aromatherapy on this blog.   One of the easiest ways of using essential oils is making air freshener sprays .   It’s so nice to spray them in the air and breathe in the fresh, enjoyable and therapeutic scents.   Here is a very short list of popular essential oils and the benefits associated with diffusing or inhaling their scent : Peppermint:  used to boost energy Lavender :  used to relieve stress Sandalwood:  used to calm nerves and help with focus Bergamot:  used to reduce stress Rose:  used to improve mood and reduce anxiety Chamomile:  used to improve mood and relaxation Ylang-Ylang:  used to treat headaches Jasmine:  used to help with depression Making your own DIY essential oil air freshener spray is so simple!   Just check out the recipe below! There are hundreds of essential oils to choose from when making an air freshener spray.   Feel free to use any essential oil you want.  

Femme Luxe | ☀️ Summer outfit inspiration 🍹

Hello everyone! I want to start this post with a quick life update - On Thursday the 2nd of July, my brother and sister-in-law welcomed their second born into the world; a handsome baby boy named Gianluca (pronounced: jaan–LEW–kuh )!   I’m an aunt… again!   It's hard to believe his sister Michela is turning five (5) next month.  I remember writing about her arrival,  here , on this blog.  But today’s post is not just about my beautiful niece and nephew.   As you can see from the title, this is a summer outfit inspiration post .   In the past, I used to love to write outfit inspiration posts, so I decided I should bring them back!   You can shop for all the outfits featured in this blog post at Femme Luxe .   If you are a regular reader, you already know how much I love this brand, the quality of their clothes and the unbeatable prices.   You can click on the links below or you could just click on my photos (the larger ones, not the collage)!   Before we get star