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Saturday, May 30, 2020

Femme Luxe | Slogan tees & loungewear set

May 30, 2020 1 Comments
Hello everyone!

Today is my 35th birthday and I'm back with another fashion blog post!!  I already posted my thoughts about turning thirty-five in my last blog post.  If you haven’t read it already, go ahead and check it out: Turning35!  To “celebrate” my milestone birthday, I decided there is no better way than showing you the latest items I got from one of my absolute favourite online clothing stores.  A couple of days ago I received an order I made from Femme Luxe online store.   

Femme Luxe is a UK-based women’s clothing store.  In a previous post, I wrote about Femme Luxe and featured five outfits which I adore: three dresses, a pair of trousers and a loungewear set.  If you want to learn more about the online store and also want to see more items I picked from Femme Luxe, check out my previous collaboration with them here.  This time I'm showing you two slogan t-shirts and another loungewear set.   

To be totally honest with you, usually, I’m not a fan of slogan t-shirts.  I have avoided wearing slogan tees for a long time.  But, right now, the slogan t-shirt is unavoidable.  These days the catwalk and the high street are full of declarations.  Slogan tees are in right now.  Got something to say?  Feeling some type of way?  Say it loud and proud with a slogan t-shirt.  I decide to join the herd and wear, my convictions in large writing… on my clothing.

Black 'Saving The World' Slogan Print T-Shirt - Scout

To my surprise, I was instantly drawn to two slogans t-shirts on the website and I had to get them for myself.  If you did not like them before, give them a try.  If you are going for the “jeans and a nice top” vibe you’ll love these tops!  Plus, if you are not an introvert like me, sharing your opinion, or someone else’s, on your shirt is a guaranteed conversation starter.

The first top I chose is a black t-shirt featuring a crew neck design with a slogan print “Saving The World”.  I try my very best every day. 😜  The top I’m wearing in the photo above is a size L.  I ordered a large size because I wanted it to fit loosely.  Since this is an oversized t-shirt, I tied a knot in the front to make it look cuter.  I just love it!  

Black 'In A World Where You Can Be Anything Be Kind' Print Crew Neck T-Shirt - Cordelia

The second top is also a black t-shirt, this one featuring an “In A World Where You Can Be Anything Be Kind” slogan print with a crew neck in a loose-fitting style.  What a great message, right?  The top I’m wearing in the photo above is a size M.  It's a perfect fit!

Grey Frill Jumper Loungewear Set - Amora

The third item I got is a super cute, grey loungewear co-ord set.  I’m in love with this Grey Frill Jumper Loungewear Set.  This is a gorgeous frill detailed jumper in a super soft material, complete with matching long length bottoms.  I got mine in a size S/M.  The set fits me perfectly and it is so comfortable.  It's the perfect outfit to lounge in.

Grey Frill Jumper Loungewear Set - Amora

Here's a closer look at the frill detail... 💗

Grey Frill Jumper Loungewear Set - Amora

And that is the end of my Femme Luxe mini haul.  Check out their website today.  As I told you in my previous post, I sincerely do recommend you order some glamorous and yet, affordable pieces.  You will not be disappointed!

Do you wear slogan t-shirts?  Leave a comment below and let me know! 

Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Turning 35!

May 26, 2020 0 Comments
Hello everyone!

Next Saturday I'll turn 35!  Most people don't consider 35 a milestone birthday but, think about it; just like that, you are halfway to 70!  Additionally, you're closer to your 40s than your 20s.  So I believe that that makes 35 a milestone birthday, especially for us women.  Many women freak out at the idea of turning thirty-five, personally, I believe that age is nothing but a number and that you are only as old as you feel, as cliché as it may sound

35 birthday cake candles

I remember publishing a post titled: Nails Of The Day (NOTD): Birthday confetti on my birthday a few years ago, now I went back to see when that was, and I realised that it was seven years ago!  Wow - 7 years!  Fun fact: Back then I used to sign my post with my screenname; Euphrasie85, because for some reason I didn't want to "reveal my identity" 😂, what was I thinking.  This also means that 5 years have already gone by since my #GoldenBirthday.  Where did the time go?  

I started this blog when I was just 25 years old, to talk about acne and share my DIY recipes and home remedies.  Yes, that's right; this year Cosette's Beauty Pantry is turning 10; double digits.  I guess, in a way, this blog is also hitting a milestone this year.  Since lately I've been writing fewer DIY beauty posts, and more fashion and lifestyle posts, I thought about changing the blog's name, but somehow that didn't feel right.  

If you have any thoughts or suggestions about renaming the blog, let me know in the comment section below!  P.S. What do you think about the new template?

Have an awesome day!

Sunday, May 24, 2020

Misconceptions about ear piercings

May 24, 2020 7 Comments
Hello everyone!

Today I want to talk to you about some common misconceptions about ear piercings that just aren't accurate.  Although ear piercings are relatively common, there are a lot of misconceptions about them that are fairly widespread. 

1.  Ear piercings are straightforward.

They are popular but that doesn't mean they're simple.  While ear piercings are very common, they still involve some serious risks.  The most common (even though all are relatively uncommon) include:
  • Abscess
  • Allergic reaction
  • Perichondritis
  • Embedded earrings
  • Infection
  • Keloid scarring
  • Traumatic tearing

2.  Earrings have to be moved quite often.

This is one of the worst pieces of advice you can give to someone who decided to get a piercing.  Turning the earring regularly only makes the wound worse and inevitably, it takes longer to heal.

3.  If a piercing closes up, you can just pierce it again.

This is definitely not always recommended.  If a piercing is rejected, it should not be re-pierced.  Scar tissue is much weaker than healthy tissue, and much more painful to pierce through. 

4.  If you remove an earring, the piercing will heal right away.

This is another misconception.  People are different in many ways, including how fast they heal.  Some people might take out an earring and the hole closes within weeks.  However, others might have piercings that never close.

5.  Piercings are temporary.

Even if you take out the earring, the piercing will leave a mark.  Body jewellery may be temporary, but taking out an earring does not necessarily leave the skin behind smooth and unblemished.  Most piercings don’t magically disappear; scarring, bumps, depressions or holes may remain.

6.  Piercings are for teenagers.

For many people, the world of piercing is still associated with teenagers.  The truth is that people of all ages are getting pierced more than ever before.

7.  Ear piercings are basic /boring.

Piercing, nowadays, is being done on almost any body part.  However, ear piercing is something that is highly common and provides you with loads of options.  Here are some of those different types of ear piercing options…
  • Standard lobe piercing.  This is the type of piercing that is the most common
  • Upper lobe piercing
  • Transverse lobe piercing
  • Stacked lobe piercing
  • Auricle piercing
  • Conch piercing
  • Outer conch /Flat piercing
  • Helix piercing
  • Mid helix piercing
  • Low helix piercing
  • Anti-helix /Forward helix piercing
  • Industrial piercing
  • Tragus piercing
  • Anti-tragus piercing
  • Rook piercing
  • Faux rook piercing
  • Snug piercing
  • Faux snug piercing 
  • Orbital piercing
  • Daith piercing
  • Industrial piercing

ear piercing options

ear piercing options

Do you have any piercings?  Let me know what piercings you have in the comment section below.  If you want to know more about my ear piercings check out my previous posts: All about my ear piercings and New ear piercing and future piercings?

Have a great day!

Friday, May 22, 2020

My HexinFashion picks

May 22, 2020 1 Comments
Hello everyone!

Welcome to my new post.  I hope you are all safe and well.  I can't wait to go back to normality, but I’m trying to make the best of it.  These days I decided to be productive, so I’m writing more frequently.

As you all know, summer is almost here and for most of us, this means that it is time to find some new fashionable items.  Since the situation is still not currently “back to normal”, I don’t feel comfortable going in stores to do my shopping.  That is why I'm always searching for new interesting online stores that I can share with you.  If you enjoy online shopping, like I do, I’m sure you’ll like today’s blog post.  Today I want to talk about a new online store I recently discovered, called HexinFashion.  

HexinFashion offers a large variety of trendy clothes for each and every occasion.  They sell everything from dresses, sportswear, plus-size clothing, lingerie, swimwear and shapewear for women, such as thigh and waist trainers.  

I picked out my favourite items from the store, just for you! 

The site offers a vast selection of sexy bandage dresses.  I absolutely adore these two dresses, check them out.  Click on each picture to see the item on the website

Sleek Off Shoulder Stripe Fishtail Ribbed Bandage Dress Visual Effect

This black and white sleek, off-shoulder, stripe, fishtail, ribbed bandage dress is absolutely stunning.

Contouring Sensation Light Pink Backless Split Latern Sleeve Bandage Dress

The light pink colour of this bandage dress is timeless and the fit and style are very elegant.

HexinFashion also has a variety of swimwear, such as these cheap tankinis, perfect for the upcoming hot summer months.  These two tankinis are simply chic and ultra-flattering.  The high waisted ruched bikini bottom has a tummy control effect and the top covers your belly and makes you look slimmer!  Check them out:

Bewitching Black Flouncing Two Pieces Tankini Spaghetti Straps Fashion

Ravishing Pleated High Rise Bathing Suit 2 Pieces Superior Quality

The site also ships worldwide for your convenience.  What are you waiting for; visit this site and start shopping. 

What are your favourite items? 

Thursday, May 21, 2020

Shhh... It's a beauty secret! #04 | The best facial cleanser EVER!

May 21, 2020 1 Comments
Hello everyone!

Today I want to share my number one secret for moisturised, plump, soft, and glowing skin.  It's neither a fancy face cream nor one of my usual DIY recipes.  It's actually something I never thought I'd use on my face at all. 

Shhh... It's a beauty secret!

Years ago I wrote about the many benefits of vegetable glycerin in a post titled: Vegetable glycerin for glowing skin! and I also shared a recipe for a DIY make-up setting spray containing glycerin as a key ingredient.  I've also been using glycerin soap on and off in the shower for quite some time but I never used it to wash my face with, until recently.  

I had a new, unopened jasmine glycerin soap in my bathroom and since my face was a little dry I decided, on a hunch, to try the soap as a face cleanser.  I used it at night before I went to sleep and let me tell you I was shocked at how soft and hydrated my skin was after just one use.  The next morning my face was visibly plumper and my skin was glowing, so I decided I should keep using it to see if the result were consistent.

Glycerin soap

Now, as you can see from the pictures below, I've been using the soap for a few weeks and I absolutely love it.  This is by far the best face cleanser I've ever used, and let me tell you, I used quite a few high-end, very expensive products in the past.  

Glycerin soap

Glycerin soap

So what is glycerin soap and why is it so effective? 

Glycerin soap is a soap that contains glycerin.  Vegetable glycerin is an odourless, clear liquid with a thick syrup consistency.  It is added to beauty products because of its ability to attract moisture and act as an emollient.  Glycerin soaps are recognisably different from other soaps because they are translucent.

Vegetable glycerin soap is vegan-friendly and a great option for people with sensitive skin.  Glycerin can help lock in the skin’s natural moisture and prevent over-drying.  This may be especially beneficial for people who experience conditions like:

  • acne
  • eczema
  • dermatitis
  • dry skin
  • psoriasis
  • rosacea

At the same time, glycerin is non-greasy.  This means it’s a good choice for anyone with oily or combination skin.  Glycerin may also have anti-ageing benefits.  It helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and other surface blemishes.

Glycerin soap is not just a cleanser, it's a beauty treatment!  I'm turning 35 next week (on May 30th), and since glycerin soap has incredible benefits for ageing skin, I’m confident it will remain a staple in my beauty routine in the coming years.

Have you ever used glycerin soap?  Would you consider using it now that you know a little bit more about it?  Leave a comment and let me know!

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