Turning 35!

Hello everyone!

Next Saturday I'll turn 35!  Most people don't consider 35 a milestone birthday but, think about it; just like that, you are halfway to 70!  Additionally, you're closer to your 40s than your 20s.  So I believe that that makes 35 a milestone birthday, especially for us women.  Many women freak out at the idea of turning thirty-five, personally, I believe that age is nothing but a number and that you are only as old as you feel, as cliché as it may sound

35 birthday cake candles

I remember publishing a post titled: Nails Of The Day (NOTD): Birthday confetti on my birthday a few years ago, now I went back to see when that was, and I realised that it was seven years ago!  Wow - 7 years!  Fun fact: Back then I used to sign my post with my screenname; Euphrasie85, because for some reason I didn't want to "reveal my identity" 😂, what was I thinking.  This also means that 5 years have already gone by since my #GoldenBirthday.  Where did the time go?  

I started this blog when I was just 25 years old, to talk about acne and share my DIY recipes and home remedies.  Yes, that's right; this year Cosette's Beauty Pantry is turning 10; double digits.  I guess, in a way, this blog is also hitting a milestone this year.  Since lately I've been writing fewer DIY beauty posts, and more fashion and lifestyle posts, I thought about changing the blog's name, but somehow that didn't feel right.  

If you have any thoughts or suggestions about renaming the blog, let me know in the comment section below!  P.S. What do you think about the new template?

Have an awesome day!


I'm a vegan with a passion for sustainability and clean, cruelty-free products. I mainly write lifestyle, wellness and self-care articles. Since I'm a true crime enthusiast, sometimes I also write about true crime and post videos on my two YouTube channels.

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