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Last month I adopted my very first puppy!  He is an adorable, champagne and white coloured Maltipoo, who I named Rascal.  He was only 7 weeks old when I brought him home and now he is almost three months. Today's post was inspired by my little furball! 

I've posted about aromatherapy and essential oils many times before and I'm sure you're already familiar with how beneficial they can be to our health, but did you know that essential oils can also be used on your four-legged friends?  

If you're wondering about the safety of essential oils for pets, there are a number of essential oils that are considered, not only safe but also beneficial to pet health.  However, there are also many essential oils toxic to animals.  

I came across a very helpful infographic that lists the best essential oils for dogs and cats and when to use them.  It also lists some oils that are toxic to animals and therefore you should NEVER use on your pets.  Check it out and keep reading to find out how to use these oils on your pets!

How to use:
  • Essential oils can be applied topically to your dog or cat.  Dilute the essential oils; approximately two to six drops of oil in an ounce of carrier oil.
  • Or add about 10-20 drops in eight ounces of shampoo.  Use less for cats and small dogs.  
  • You can also use a spray bottle with a few drops of oil mixed with water to apply topically. 
  • Massage your diluted oil to the area where it’s needed.  You can also apply by ''petting'' - rub the diluted oil in your hands, then pet your dog or cat with both hands. 
  • Use a diffuser for aromatherapy or put a drop of oil on your pet's collar or bed.  If you don’t have a diffuser, a bowl of hot water with a few drops of essential oils will do the trick.   
  • Keep away from your pet's eyes, nose, inside of his ears, and private area. 
  • Only use essential oils that are safe for animals. 

photo of Rascal
This is Rascal. If you want to see more of him go follow rascal.the.maltipoo on Instagram.

That's all for today!  This post was a little different.  If you want me to post more pet-related tips and DIYs in the future let me know in the comments section below.  

Do you have any pets?  Did you know that essential oil can also be used on your pets?

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