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Hello everyone!

I hope you had a great week!  Today I will be showing you what I bought from Born Pretty Store.  If you have never heard of BPS, read this first:  Have you heard of Born Pretty?

Let's get started!  The very first thing that I added to my shopping cart was this colour changing rose red lip balm.  I actually bought two and I'm very glad I did.  This lip balm is fantastic!  The green looking product you can see below, is actually a very moisturising, long-lasting pink lip balm.  And, it stays on for hours without fading!


I also bought some jewellery and accessories, namely; four pairs of earrings, two necklaces and a wrist watch.  Take a look:






And from the hair decorations section, I bought some hair pins.  The site shows a pack of 60 hair pins but instead I got three packs of 20.  It does not make any difference to me but I just wanted to let you know!

I also ordered 2 "mystery/lucky bags"; a jewellery and accessories lucky bag and a make-up lucky bag.  Here's what I got:

My jewellery and accessories lucky bag contained...

a spiky double ring...

a cute pair of earrings...

a multi-chain bracelet...

and a bunny ears silicone hair band.

Whereas my make-up lucky bag contained...

a make-up sponge...

a double layer make-up palette with mirror, 8 shimmery eye-shadows...

2 blush colours and a powder...

and a liquid eyeliner.

The products were true to photos for the most part, and the quality was impressive for such low, inexpensive prices.  You may find these items and many more at Born Pretty Store.  Use my coupon SETT10 for 10% off to save even more!

I will also post a FOTD using my make-up "lucky bag" products soon, so make sure you check back for that! 
Did you enjoy this haul?  What did you like the most?  Do let me know in the comments below.


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