What Goes With This?

Hello everyone!

I have an announcement: I joined WGWT!

Have you ever bought a piece of clothing and thought “What Goes With This?"  Or wondered how you can style a piece differently?  Well there is a new site where you can post a picture and ask for advice!  WGWT stands for What Goes With This?, it's an online fashion community where you can ask for and give fashion advice.

Check out the first two outfits I recommended! (click on the pictures below)

To follow me on WGWT click this button:

You can also reach out and ask me for fashion advice!

To communicate with specific people, you have a two options:
  1. Share your request with someone using the email, Facebook or Twitter share
  2. In the comments, use “@” to find people on the site or on Facebook
Do you like the outfits I suggested?  Let me know in the comment section below!  If you too would like to give and/or receive fashion advise, join WGWT!  


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