Preventing inner thigh chafing

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One of the more uncomfortable, yet frequent challenge faced by most women in the summertime is the issue of inner thigh chafing.  If you are out and about in skirts, dresses or short shorts, chances are you've suffered from the red rash that can develop on the skin between your thighs.  This happens when the inside of your thighs sweat and then rub together.  
Some women swear by baby powder, which works only for a short while.  Others wear shorts or nylon thighs/pantyhose underneath their dresses.  Wearing more clothes is not the best solution in super hot, humid climate.

A more effective preventative method:
To keep your thighs from chafing when you wear a dress or a skirt, apply an anti-perspirant to the inside of your thighs. You can use roll-ons or sticks. The anti-perspirant keeps your thighs from sweating therefore preventing a nasty rash.  Keep the anti-perspirant in your purse for long days out, you may need to re-apply.  
If you already have inner thigh chafing, I suggest applying aloe vera gel daily.  Allow your skin to heal before trying this preventative method.  Never use antiperspirant on damaged skin (razor burn, rashes or cuts).
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